Treating diseases with lemon juice

1. OverviewWe know that lemonade or lemon juice is a refreshing drink at any time of day. Modern research has broadened the possibilities of using lemon. It was found for example that lemon essential oil is very effective for treating colds.Lemon … [Read more...]

Lactation stimulation

OverviewOften, mothers think that their milk-production is quite low when in fact, this is not real. If your baby's weight is constantly increasing, although it is only breast fed, then you should not make any worries about milk production.It is … [Read more...]

What is Dietary Fiber?

Dietary fibers: an essential component of a healthy dietDietary fiber is very beneficial for health. Here's how to include it in your diet. Dietary fiber is found mainly in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes and is known for its ability … [Read more...]

Benefits of Dietary Fiber


Unlike other food components (fat, protein or carbohydrates) that the body degrades and assimilates, fiber is not digested by our digestive system. Therefore, it remains virtually unchanged when they pass through the stomach, small intestine and … [Read more...]

8 tips to be in shape in the morning

Start the day with a vengeanceWhat you do in the first hour after you reach out of bed can help you look and feel better for the rest of the day. The correct movements and necessary foods will help you be more resilient, positive and stay focused … [Read more...]

How To Cure Constipation At Home?

Constipation is not a disease—rather, it is a symptom. And most often than not, this symptom is caused by a person’s inactivity and sedentary lifestyle, a diet with minimum to no fiber at all, and not being able to drink the adequate amount of fluids … [Read more...]

Lexapro vs. Ativan


Anxiety is as common as breathing in our daily lives. It is unusual to find a person who hasn’t experienced yet how it feels to worry and feel concerned, nervous and anxious. Each time we enter our class expecting some form of examination or … [Read more...]

Learn to eat healthy: top recommended foods and unhealthy foods

OverviewSince childhood we know that it is better to eat fruits and vegetables and you should avoid sweet snacks that any child will prefer anytime.Before presenting the list of unhealthy foods, you should know which are the food that experts … [Read more...]

Dental sensitivity

OverviewDental sensitivity is the discomfort, pain in many situations that occur in one or more teeth in contact with cold, warm or sweet drinks or foods, when brushing or chewing.This is a problem that affects the population in a large … [Read more...]

Treating Hemorrhoids At Home


So you have hemorrhoids—and you have chosen a confidential and personal approach in treating this condition… without the help of a physician. Well—we cannot blame people for this notion and perception towards hemorrhoids because indeed, telling … [Read more...]