Acute Colitis : Symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment

What is Acute Colitis? What are its Symptoms?Acute Colitis can be defined as the swelling of colon, part of the bigger intestine and which is noticed after some time following an irritation. symptoms of acute colitis Sudden abdominal pain or … [Read more...]

Soy milk

OverviewSoy milk is an alternative to dairy products and has long been a traditional drink in China, Japan and other parts of Asia.Some people choose to drink soy milk because of lactose intolerance suffer or are sensitive to lactose, while … [Read more...]

Acute and Chronic Lower Left Abdominal Pain – Diagnosis

Acute Lower Left Abdominal PainAn acute lower left abdominal pain can last for few minutes to several weeks. It can be caused due to various disorders and medical conditions. The right diagnosis is essential for determining the actual cause of … [Read more...]

Advice about Milk Consumption

Milk Intake Advice & InfoDrink skim milk or milk low in fat during meals If you are used to drinking whole milk, gradually replace it with skim milk. Reduce the amount of fat in milk to 2%, 1% and then finally, go to skim milk (fat free) Order … [Read more...]

Knee Surgery As Treatment for Knee Injuries


 An injured knee can be crucial at times because of the vessels and nerves surrounding it. It may need certain medical intervention which includes an emergency operation to save the injured part and for the person not to be debilitated. … [Read more...]

Feeling tired? Here are 4 explanations for your fatigue


Feeling tired is not something out of the ordinary. We all have days when we feel like we can't do anything and all we want is to lie down on the sofa and relax or even take a nap. This lack of energy can be fixed usually by supplementing the diet … [Read more...]

Omega-7 fatty acids

1. OverviewOmega-7 fatty acids are essential for human health, therefore, overall health will not be affected if a person does not assimilate them, but they can be very useful for a healthy weight and beautiful skin.Omega fatty acids can provide … [Read more...]

Cinnamon – health benefits

OverviewAs you know, cinnamon is available throughout the year, but the aromatic and sweet taste of it is a perfect winter spice. Cinnamon has a long history both as a spice and a medicine.The brown bark of cinnamon tree, is available dry, … [Read more...]

Getting Away With Stomach Flu


Millions of viruses are present in our environment—wherever we are located, whatever task we perform, they are always there and ready to attack our system. The only weapon we have against these viruses is a strong immune system. However, our body is … [Read more...]

Is A Lymph Node Cancer Possible?


When our body is invaded by bacteria and viruses, the immune system is at the front line, especially when the infection reaches our bloodstream. As we all know, the immune system consists of different body parts and components. Among these … [Read more...]