Efficient solutions against joint inflammation

OverviewRheumatic diseases cause inflammation in the joints, manifested by pain and limiting movement.Besides treating rheumatic disease, is necessary to adopt a proper lifestyle that should help reduce inflammation.Contents1. Overview 2. Eat … [Read more...]

Food newborn

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Liver Failure and Liver Damage – signs and symptoms

Liver Failure and Liver DamageAny kind of damage to liver cell, biliary ducts and vessels affects the liver structure thereby resulting in Liver damage. Hardly any symptoms or at times no symptoms at all are noticed in a mild liver damage and … [Read more...]

B vitamins and pregnancy

Vitamin B6 helps formation of the baby's nervous system and prevents morning sickness. Food sources of vitamin B6 are meat, fish, eggs, bananas and avocados.Vitamin B9 or folic acid Folic acid contributes to proper development of the embryo and … [Read more...]

The dangers of restrictive diets

OverviewRestricted diet is not the only way to lose weight. Best weight loss diet should start with developing a healthy eating plan every day, followed by a moderate increase in physical activity to burn more calories.Restrictive diets present … [Read more...]

Ophthalmic migraine

OverviewOcular migraines are painless temporary visual disturbances that can affect one or both eyes. Although they can be scary, eye migraines are usually harmless and relieve on their own without medication in 30 minutes.Migraines with aura are … [Read more...]

Which is healthier, wine or beer?

1. OverviewCabernet or Merlot? Which beverage is healthier? Multiple studies have linked moderate red wine consumption (1-2 glasses) with a long and healthy life.For years, researchers hypothesized that antioxidants in wine are unique, as … [Read more...]

7 salads that kids will love

OverviewLooking for a fun way that you can encourage your child to eat more fruits and vegetables? You can try some interesting salads, kids will be glad to help you to prepare them and the whole family will enjoy them.Additionally, the salads … [Read more...]

Nuts and heart health

1. OverviewEating fruits that have woody shells is beneficial for heart health. Both nuts, almonds, hazelnuts and other fruit types in this category, help lower cholesterol being part of a healthy balanced diet.These types of fruits can be eaten … [Read more...]

How you can lose weight with healthy food at picnic

OverviewIf you think that for losing weight is enough to eat food cooked at home, think again. Weather is getting nicer and summer is approaching. Is the perfect time to fill the picnic basket, to go outdoors and relax.Many of the foods consumed … [Read more...]