US Healthcare Reform Updates

Since being seated, President Barack Obama has made the US healthcare reform his top legislative priority, allowing the $2.5 trillion healthcare system its biggest changes in four decades. Republicans oppose this legislation solidly and have warned … [Read more...]

Exercise stress test

OverviewStress tests provide information about how the heart works during physical stress. Some heart problems are easier to diagnose when the heart is overloaded and its beatings are accelerated.During exercise stress test, there will be a … [Read more...]

Medical and Home Treatment for Canker Sore on Gums


Everyone has been acquainted with canker sores—regardless of a person’s age, gender, and health habits. Canker sores can occur to anyone and is in fact a very disgusting condition. Imagine the heat, pain, soreness and difficulty one can experience … [Read more...]

Suicide prevention

OverviewA person who is suicidal, even if he wants to be helped, he find it difficult to seek support from others. Most people who commit suicide do not want death itself but simply no longer suffering.Suicide prevention starts with recognizing … [Read more...]


1. OverviewPemphigus is a rare autoimmune disorder that involves blistering the skin. The immune system produces antibodies with protective role that can be found in the bloodstream, which in turn must protect against hostile attacks of various … [Read more...]

Treatment for constipation

Constipation is a symptom, not a disease. It is often caused by a disturbance in the functioning of the colon. The ordinary habits of chair can vary greatly in healthy people: between three times a day and three times a week.Although bothersome, … [Read more...]

Bariatric surgery – obesity surgery

OverviewBariatric surgery involves surgical procedures through which you can lose weight or bypass procedure in the stomach or small intestine. With its help people who are overweight can lose some weight significantly and permanently.Through … [Read more...]

Diseases that cause bone loss

1. OverviewBone loss refers to the rapid deterioration of used bone tissue before being produced new bone tissue. Bones have a high content of mineral deposits and are composed of calcium.Calcium and other materials inside the bones are broken … [Read more...]

Gallbladder Disease its symptoms and alternative treatment

Gallbladder is a sac like organ which you can find under the liver. The function of gallbladder is to store bile which is being produced in liver.When the flow of bile is hampered or if the flow slows down then there is a possibility of … [Read more...]

Asparagus – health benefits

OverviewAnalyzing the asparagus nutritional information you will find that it has beneficial effect on the body. 4 pieces of this plant contain only 13 calories, no fat, cholesterol and only 8 mg of sodium.Asparagus has the ability to burn fat … [Read more...]