Benefits of walking

OverviewWalking is a gentle low-impact exercise that can maintain both physical fitness, and health. Walking is a form of physical activity available to all. It is safe, simple and does not require practice, while health benefits are numerous.If … [Read more...]

Asian Food Pyramid


Asian food pyramid reflects the traditional diet, based on foods of plant origin, followed by the inhabitants of Asia and is currently enjoying the support of many experts. Recent studies show that people who follow the traditional Asian diet, have a … [Read more...]

How to invigorate your legs muscles

1. The benefits of climbing stairsClimbing stairs burns about twice as many calories than any other sport or activity. Although it is a strenuous activity, stair climbing involves less time than another exercise of the same intensity.For example, … [Read more...]

Hemorrhoidectomy – hemorrhoids surgery

OverviewIn many cases, hemorrhoids can be treated effectively with dietary changes, proper hygiene and local medication. In some cases, diet and medication are not sufficient.People who do not respond to non-surgical treatments may need surgery … [Read more...]

How easily you can have a healthy lifestyle

OverviewYou've heard quite many things about a healthy lifestyle. Generally, for a person to be healthy is indicate not to smoke, to maintain a healthy weight, eat healthier and to exercise.The secret is to make small changes: add fruit for … [Read more...]

Doppler ultrasonography of cervical arteries

OverviewArteries supplying the brain with blood pass through the cervical region (neck). At this level they are easily explored with ultrasound.These arteries are the two internal carotid arteries (right and left) supplying the most part of the … [Read more...]

Concentration difficulties

OverviewConcentration difficulties refer to the low ability of a person to focus thoughts on something, situations, etc. Concentration difficulties may be related to a person's inability to stay awake, the impulsiveness and hyperactivity, its lack … [Read more...]

Iron-rich foods

OverviewMost iron-rich foods are animal products. For this reason it may be difficult for vegans, vegetarians and people who avoid red meat consumption, to absorb enough iron during the day. Fortunately there are many supplements that can be bought … [Read more...]

Differences between hemorrhoids and anal fissures

OverviewThe difference between a hemorrhoid and a fissure, it is often difficult to discern. A hemorrhoid is a bulge, while the fissure has lesion shape or crack in the anal area.Contents1. Overview 2. Hemorrhoids 3. Anal fissure 4. Anal … [Read more...]

7 mistakes that can affect health

OverviewA solid health condition requires involvement, considering that is not a phenomenon that occurs overnight and requires continuous development of a project that involves every part of the human being.No one can be perfect, but it is … [Read more...]