7 small things that will help you maintain your couple’s happiness

Being healthy does not only mean keeping diseases away from you, it also implies being satisfied and fulfilled emotionally and socially. Happiness can maintain and sustain health and only those people who will learn how to treasure and enjoy the … [Read more...]

28 super-nutritive foods

1. OverviewMany people use multivitamin supplements everyday considering that they are healthy. However, eating is beneficial for everyone and is much more pleasant than swallowing some bitter pills.In addition, by selecting the correct foods, … [Read more...]

Are There Surgeries For GERD?


GERD is an exasperating condition—Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease as what medical professionals call it completely, is a condition when there is an abnormal regurgitation of the stomach contents into a person’s esophagus and even all the way up to … [Read more...]

Carbohydrate needs during pregnancy


Carbohydrate metabolism experiences radical changes during pregnancy, and glucose is very important for the proper development of fetal tissues. Choose slow carbohydrates, especially at breakfast, to avoid the risk of hypoglycemia in the morning. … [Read more...]

Pregnancy and calories

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Top Factors That Cause Chronic Hives


Suffering from hives or urticaria is a common occurrence among people—most especially to those people who are highly sensitive to some chemicals, foods, odor, dusts, or even air. Hives or urticaria occurs as an allergic response of our body when the … [Read more...]

Home remedies for hoarseness

OverviewHoarseness is a general term that describes abnormal voice changes and thickening it and is caused by irritation of the vocal cords.Hoarseness may be several forms, involving breathing difficulties, forcing changes in voice or sound … [Read more...]

Removing Kidney Stones In Your Own Kitchen


Kidney stones are literally masses of minerals that have clumped inside our renal organs… and there are many reasons as to why a person develops kidney stones. A person can have multiple kidney stones and in fact, some people may have kidney … [Read more...]


OverviewMastectomy is surgery to remove all breast tissue in a breast as a way to treat or prevent breast cancer.For people with early stage breast cancer, mastectomy may be a treatment option. Lumpectomy is another option that the tumor can be … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Build Up Your Stamina

Do you look at little kids running around all the time and wonder where they get all that energy?  Do you look at them and remember that you used to do that, or wonder if you used to do that?   All kids have stamina that goes on forever.  … [Read more...]