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How to maintain your summer tan


After trying so hard to obtain a healthy tan for a lot of us it would be a pity to let it fade away. There are some tricks that can be applied in order for you to enjoy more of your chocolate looking skin.Normally the bronze color of your skin is … [Read more...]

Zoloft vs Paxil


Depression is a very concerning disorder. When a person becomes struck with depression, he or she may be impaired in terms of social, personal, intellectual and psychiatric functioning. A depressed person can be preoccupied with the thoughts that … [Read more...]

Children’s voice changing

OverviewUntil yesterday, your child's voice sounded like that of a boy, but today, you can hear the first inflection in his voice. Onset of puberty marks the change many aspects of child you know.Along with changes in the physical appearance, … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Diet after giving Birth


Although childbirth is a wonderful experience, all women want to regain their pre-pregnancy weight as soon as possible. The best way to do this is finding a balance between baby care and body care.The biggest problem women are facing after birth is … [Read more...]

Diseases which are inherited from mother

OverviewNew studies consider that through the genetic inheritance from the mother, children may manifest her various diseases.It is true that physical traits like hair color, height is the result of complex interactions between genes inherited … [Read more...]

Trigeminal neuralgia

OverviewTrigeminal neuralgia, also known as the tick Douloureax, is a condition involving pain deep facial nerve similar to electroshock, most often located in the lower face and jaw. However, symptoms can occur anywhere near the nose, ears, eyes … [Read more...]

How to cure a vaginal yeast infection : Treatment and Remedies

Vaginal yeast infection is caused by a fungus known as Candida albicans. This fungus is usually present on the skin and inside the vagina of almost all healthy women. The acidic environment in the vagina keeps a check on this fungus. But when … [Read more...]


Overview Psoriasis is a chronic dermatological disease that causes a rapid and exaggerated growth of the skin cells, having as a result the appearance of some skin plaques which are thickened (hyperkeratotic), white. These lesions can vary in size … [Read more...]

When is time to consult a sexologist

OverviewIf you have problems in the bedroom, the solution can be found in sexologist’s cabinet. A recent study found that treatment for sexual problems was effective for prostate cancer survivors suffering from erectile dysfunction.Researchers … [Read more...]