7 small things that will help you maintain your couple’s happiness

Being healthy does not only mean keeping diseases away from you, it also implies being satisfied and fulfilled emotionally and socially. Happiness can maintain and sustain health and only those people who will learn how to treasure and enjoy the … [Read more...]

Getting to Know the Common Hyperglycemia Symptoms


Sugar and sweets—who cannot resist them? They come in all forms, shapes, sizes and flavors…the simple reason why people just can’t get enough of sweets! Eating sweet foods like candies, cakes, chocolates and other confections is a great way to finish … [Read more...]

Lipids and Vegetarian Diet


Lipids - vegetarians, and other people that don't eat fish, need other sources of omega 3. Studies show that moderate intake of fats may reduce cardiovascular disease, improves nutrient uptake and can even help you control your weight.Most lipids … [Read more...]

Hemorrhoids : Causes and Cures

What is Hemorrhoid? A hemorrhoid is generally known as piles. This is a medical condition when the veins around the rectum show unusual state including enlargement, pain and sometimes bleeding. The hemorrhoid can be both internal and external. For … [Read more...]

Corneal transplantation

OverviewOur eyes are two very smart, small organs, localized on the face. They can process 36,000 bits of information every hour and have over 2 million parts that work together.Sometimes even the eyes, specifically the cornea degrades and is … [Read more...]

Getting A Good Night’s Sleep: An Insomniac’s Guide


Insomnia is a worldwide problem—in fact including those cases which are not consulted and diagnosed, insomnia is projected to affect about a third of all human race. The reason why insomnia is not very much given emphasis in the modern medical world … [Read more...]

‘Body for Life’ Diet

1. OverviewBody for Life Diet is a diet and exercise program that is designed to help people adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.However, critics believe that those who follow this diet are recommended to eat too much protein and an … [Read more...]

How to associate foods to lose weight

OverviewCombining foods for weight loss could mean, for some, total elimination of foods or types of cuisine, from the diet. Restriction could be automatically associated with weight loss, but without taking into account calorie intake and energy … [Read more...]

What To Do With A Pulled Hamstring?


 A hamstring injury is not uncommon to people—whether you are a sports lover or just a plain old person who loves to watch basketball or football on TV, a hamstring injury is a common scene. For sports buff, especially those who are kings of the … [Read more...]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Overview Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, called the median neuropathy of the wrist is a medical condition characterized by the compression of the median nerve, accompanied by pain, paresthesia, anesthesia and muscle weakness. Median nerve is one of the most … [Read more...]