1 Out Of 4 Americans, No Health Insurance

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Since the Supreme Court of US considers the fate of the health care reform in the present year of election, a research displayed that 1 in 4 working – age Americans has no health coverage or insurance at certain point in the year 2011, mainly due to job changes or due to unemployment. The research by the commonwealth fund surveyed around 2100 individuals who aged from 19-64 and discovered that around 26% of the adults had no insurance. This percentage was equal to 48 million individuals when evaluated against the US census data. This fund is an NGO which observes the health care problems, said that 7 in 10 of the individuals who lost their insurance spent 1 year or more with no life coverage again. This was mainly due to the unaffordable plans which were available at the individual market.

With no insurance individuals promptly disconnected from the system of healthcare by preventing initial medical services like the doctor visit and screening for cancer, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Avoid the gaps in medical insurance:

The findings render a disturbing picture of around R33 trillion systems of US healthcare. This was at the duration when the officials of the government are wrestling with obstinately elevated rates of unemployment and no certainty about the future of the overhaul of the federal health care. The common wealth fund submitted that more than 40% of the individuals who lost their medical insurance had been again covered by the plans of employer and sponsor. Approximately 18% were dropped from the rolls of the medical insurance while only 27% had never ever been insured.

The findings have around 3% error profit margin. This survery was held online in the year 2011 from 24th June to 5th July.



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