10 Tips on how to calm down peptic ulcer pain

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Every time we eat our stomach produces a certain quantity of acid for digesting the food.

This acid is powerful enough to harm the inner layer of the stomach, but thanks to the mucus that surrounds the stomach and duodenum this thing does not normally happen.

Peptic ulcers also occur when a bacteria called helicobacter pylori starts to develop inside the stomach and allows the acid to harm the inner layer of the stomach or duodenum. Here’s a video on how a peptic ulcer develops!

Now, let me give you some advice on calming the peptic ulcer pain:

1. Take an antacid.

During ulcerous crises, taking an antacid can ease pain fast and efficiently. It is best to ask your doctor fist what type of antacid would suit your case best as some of these drugs can cause constipation (if they have in composition aluminum) and others might cause diarrhea (if they contain magnesium).

2. Reduce the acid production.

Ask your doctor if you could use H2 blockers. These are drugs that help your stomach reduce the production of acid. This helps existent stomach wounds heal faster and diminish pain. Here are some of the most efficient H2 blockers: ranitidine, cimetidine and famotidine.

3. Give up orange juice for a while

Some foods are best to be avoided if you want to keep ulcer pains away. Besides the orange juice, the tomato, coffee, and spicy cuisine are also known to increase the acid production in the stomach and duodenum, leading to pain.

4. Do not rely on milk!

Until a few years ago a lot of people thought that milk was of great help in stopping ulcerous pains. Even doctors thought that milk was good for bandaging the wounded areas in of the inner layer of the duodenum. Well, things are quite opposite as we thought: it seems that calcium and proteins contained by milk are acid production stimulators.

5. Drink plenty of water

During the ulcerous crises you can drink a glass of water as it helps diluting the acid from the stomach. Try to drink 1.5 l of water daily and a glass of water every time you are in pain.

6. Give up smoking

Besides the fact that smokers have an increased risk of developing peptic ulcers, smoking also interferes with the process of ulcer’s lesions healing and increases the chances of infections.

7. Alcohol is good as long as it is consumed in small quantities.

Local stomach inflammations and bleedings can be caused by an increased alcohol intake. Not to mention other serious organ affections that alcohol can produce. You can consume 1 glass of alcohol if you go to a special event, but try not to develop a habit from this.

8. Test yourself for Helicobacter Pylori.

If you suspect you have ulcer then it is indicated you go to the doctor and get tested for Helicobacter Pylori. This bacterium is the main cause of ulcer and can be treated. In 97% of the cases of Helicobacter Pylori ulcers after treatment was done the reoccurrence of the affection did not happen. So, follow strictly the treatment your doctor prescribed and you will see your ulcer will fade in time.

9. Do not take aspirin and ibuprofen.

They are analgesic drugs but if used on a long period of time they can cause peptic ulcer. It seems that more then 20% of the people who use regularly these drugs get to develop ulcer, so try to limit their intake as much as you can.

10. Get rid of stress

Stress is another factor that aggravates peptic ulcer and pains. We know that stress is now part of our daily life, but constantly having to deal with pressure and stressful situations can lead to a failure of our body. Try relaxation methods after work, or practice a sport so that you can release the tension your body accumulated during the day.

Peptic ulcer is becoming a real problem nowadays as stress, junk food and bacteria seem to surround us everywhere. Handled with care and medical advice peptic ulcer can be defeated and life can regain its normal course once again.

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  1. Nice, simply explained article with useful advice. Thank you

  2. very nice topic

  3. concise,apt,instructive,revealing and informative

  4. I’m happy you all found it helpful!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I found it helpful to a point. Other things I have read say that you do not always need to see a doctor for this. I just have this dull kinda burning upper stomach pain right now that has lasted two days. I have taken Tagamet(4) and keep drinking water but it hasn’t really eased up at all.

  6. Jennifer,
    I think you should go see a doctor as you might have a gastric or a duodenum ulcer, not peptic ulcer. The stomach discomfort you have written about can also be found in these two affections. You should go to your doctor and see what he has to say about your stomach. Don’t be afraid, even if you do have gastric ulcer, as you will get healthy after following a proper treatment.

  7. Good to see quite a variety of suggestions given, but think that get rid of stress should probably have been put at number 1. There is a product that is starting to be promoted more and more of helping with peptic ulcers and combating Helicobacter Pylori – which is manuka honey. However the reason for mentioning it here is that it is often not stated that it is only some manuka honey which is suitable, being labelled with the UMF® mark. There is plenty of standard manuka honey around with little antibacterial properties. Those interested can see some information here:

    However another important factor is the way in which we eat. Better eating habits, mainly eat slower, chew properly, and enjoy your food, and thinking about what you are doing – eating – and not concentrating on the tv or whatever else, will help give your stomach a chance to do its job properly.

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    Thanks for your time to post this article.

  9. Andre Agassi says:

    An estimated one in five Americans suffers from chronic pain and many of these people depend on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) to help manage their pain because their doctor does not approve of or prescribe narcotic pain medications. NSAIDs include both over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications like aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen. While these medications are effective in helping to relieve pain, continuous use may increase the risk of stomach ulcers. According to the American College of Gastroenterology, NSAID use is the second major cause of stomach ulcers, this indicated findrxonline in article. In the US, it is estimated that gastrointestinal complications caused by NSAIDs result in more than 100,000 hospitalizations and 16,500 deaths annually.

  10. shanika king says:

    that was a great article in fact now i know wat to ask the dr to test my boyfriend for….we knew he had ulcers but didnt know anything bout being treated for any bacteria….thanks a whole lot

  11. Oh thank you, this has helped me a lot especially as Ive been under a lot of stress these last few days and have some pain in the described area. And thank you too Ross for the honey comment, I think Ill suggest it to my boyfriend since he has problems with these.

  12. i will try the antacid tip but so far the milk has worked for me everytime i wake up in pain at night

  13. I don’t know what is wrong with me,I have this burning paid right in the middle of my stomach,it feels like I have sm acids bubbling up in my stoomach.sometimes I actually here sounds.the pain comes and goes like every hour to 30min.sometimes it also comes with a little pain that feels like a heartburn.what could b wrong?

  14. The best advice I’ve found so far, been in constant pain for about a week now, and I’ll take this advice. Thank you!

  15. i was looking for ways that my friend could use to heal her ulcers…. well i hope this works because i am worried about her

  16. I have an ulcet but the acid blockers make me sick…im under trememdous stress, and im in extreme pain. Ive had the ulcer (had endoscopy done) for 3 years. Im scared its going to turn into cancer and im gonna die! O_O

  17. laninbearable says:

    hi there, I was in hospital 7 months ago for a bleeding ulcer. The pain was virtually unbearable. I dont have medical aid so I was released from the government hospital with some painkillers and antibiotics which I took for a period of 26 days. I am still in pain everyday, just the depth that varies. Can you please suggest what foods and liquids would help with the pain and which foods I could eat that have tons of energy, bcos I am a waitress whose on my feet allday and night and cant drink coffee and caffinated drinks irritate the ulcer causing more pain. Please can you help ?

  18. same fears here, have had h pylori for 3 months, was put on antibiotics and ppi which i still take, dont think its gone, in fact it feels i got more than one ulcers, symptoms do not go away, i wanna cry, when will it go back to normal again..???

  19. This article is very helpful, thank you. But I have a problem of severe vomiting which happens any time of the day and night. It even happens after meals and drinking a mere water. I don’t have heartburn or abdominal pain, so I would like to know what might be the problem.

  20. James undag says:

    Very nice article,it helps a lot of people specially me,bcoz im suffering gastritis,bother me too much then i feel anxiety,tnx a lot, Godbless!

  21. Excellent!! Actually gave advice for the immediate care of the pain associated with ulcers. Ask.com sends you on a lifelong web journey whereby their idea of an answer is to supply you with an unimaginable number of sites to click on instead of doing what you’ve done. WebMd wasn’t much help either. I learned a lot about ulcers, but no suggestions for immediately dealing with the pain. Thanks again!!

  22. Hi,
    I have extreme pain in the upper left part of my torso. Sometimes it feels like its in my stomach, but other times it feels like my back The pain goes away after eating, but returns after a few hours after eating. Does this sound like an ulcer? Sometimes the pain shifts to a more central position at the top of my stomach. I need help with this as I am in agony. Thanks in advance.

  23. I have had a ulcer for about a year didn’t start treating it till a month and a half ago feared antacid would make it worse due to acid rebound which antacids do chase i have to up my dose every couple weeks I don’t much trust doctors half of them barely no what there doing pro ally any one with a ulcer that studies a lil about it has twice the knowledge of these doctors what works for me is eating organic jasmine rice russet potatoes drink in spring water crystal guyser is the way to go and avacadoes r great make sure there ripe though unripe can hurt u don’t want any acid causing foods even if they aren’t acidic they chase your body to produce acid I adopt a vegetarian diet eat alkaline forming foods I’ve heard a lot of false info from docs an the net always trust what your body tells you if sum thin seems to upset your stomach that everyone said is fine go with your gut a few more things don’t eat fruit in my experience I could have um for a bit but as my ulcer got worse I couldn’t handle um also def don’t have pep to bismul it might provide relief but worsens your ulcers like nsaids do stress is a huge factor get it under control before it kills u let’s c what else oh MAkE SURE you don’t let the doctors press your stomach they did that to me recently and messed up my intestines they do it to c where your ulcers r and c if there’s sum thing else going on I assume by where the pain is so when they ask you to lay down simply tell them you’ll press your own stomach aren’t nearly gentle enough I was in agony for a week and still have serious issues chase of it it only been a couple weeks but still trust my word its tried and true good luck oh yeah I tried sucralfate and it hurt me so b weary also get tested for h pylori evpo doesn’t work neither does dgl aloe helped kinda then hurt me after a while juicing cabbage felt like it was helping but the gas it causes hurts ulcers so yeah I might try it again

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