10 tips to avoid flu

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Flu season is here. Regardless of whether or not you think some forms of the the flu are more dangerous than others, they all get transmitted the same ways. The flu is transmitted by contact with someone who has it. Flu viruses are of course; ” viral “. Here are ten tips to avoiding getting the flu this year.

1 )  Do what you are doing now. Read up online and get more direct information from sources that are proven sources of reliable health information. You can get more information by learning to search google about flu symptoms and avoiding the flu than you will get from your doctor or government. I can not say it enough; “Read !”.avoid_flu

2 ) Do not go around people you know are sick. It is one thing to have a family member sick with the flu, and quite another to ride the bus with strangers who have the flu. Avoid people who cough without covering their mouth. Avoid those who wipe their nose with their hand and then touch other objects, especially other people.

3 ) Create an atmosphere in your body that refuses viruses and bacteria. How do you do this ? One way is to get your PH level balanced. Normal PH balance in the human body is right at 7.0. There are other articles on this site that explain how to get your PH level to a normal level. One way is increase your intake of calcium, but there are others.

4 ) Turn off the chemicals. If you can decrease the amount of chemicals going into your body, it will no doubt be stronger. Food preservatives, cokes, and other things you put into your body weaken it and increase your chances of having a flu successfully attack you.

5 ) Speaking of coke, cut back on processed sugars. Bacteria love a dark environment with lots of sugar. Do not give it to them. Pepsi and coke are loaded to the hilt with sugars. Sugars are one of the reasons why the PH level is acidic, which goes back to tip number three.

6 ) This is a tip I have used for years. Breathe out when passing by people. Here is the situation; you are walking down the street, you see someone up ahead walking your way. You notice that they cough and you think they may have a cold or flu. They continue your direction and walk by you and the air from their walking by sweeps by you. Do you inhale or exhale when you feel the air that swept by you ? That is right; exhale.

7 ) Drink milk and eat dairy products that are not processed by factories. Pasteurized milk products are to be avoided. Why is it that there is a federal regulation against the interstate commerce of raw milk for human consumption in the United States ? Raw milk invigorates a good bacteria that is known as lactobacillus. Some species of this good bacteria create good immune functions. You do not always get this in pasteurized milk and sometimes not even in raw milk. Nevertheless, raw milk will give your body a much better fighting chance at having this profitable bacteria helping you against the flu. If you need to buy a cow it might just be worth it.

8 ) Do not assume that the drug tamiflu is safe. There are serious side effects to taking this drug along with the report that twelve children may have died from taking it. Tamiflu is associated with seizures, delirium and loss of consciousness. Tamiflu is not effective and actually has side effects that mimic the flu. This tip may just save your life.

9 ) Get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep is important. You feel physically tired when you do not get enough sleep. Help your body fight off the “flu intruders” by being rested.

10  ) Wash your hands regularly using antibacterial soap. This is still one of the most important tips on the list even though you have heard it for years.

Here is one more tip; avoid hospitals and vaccines unless you are having an emergency. These places are the number one spot where germs are concentrated. If you live downwind from one you really need a good immune system.




  1. i have stopped drinking coke and other such drinks, soda as well and have healthy food so as to be fit and fine. i wanna avoid getting into any flu as its been heard by many these days

  2. Great blog! In our office, Tuttle Chiropractic, we know that getting an adjustment boosts the immune system and our patients have found that if they come in while feeling sick they get better quicker because their immune system has been stimulated. We always encourage our patients to get adjusted as much as possible at the first sign of a cold or flu to make sure that their immune system is functioning at 100% and they are able to avoid sickness.

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