10 Ways to Increase Your Breastmilk Supply

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Just as breastfeeding can be rewarding to create a bonding experience between mother and child, it can also be frustrating for many reasons. One of the most common frustrations that is experienced by mothers is the inability to produce enough milk, which can lead to the child fussing at the breast and the mother becoming concerned about whether the child is actually getting a proper amount of nourishment from each feed.

Here are ten ways that new mothers can use to increase the amount of breast milk that they are producing:

Feed frequently, from Both Breasts
Feeding frequently from both can help to stimulate the milk that is being produced. Breastfeeding is the simple matter of supply and demand and therefore in order to create success it is important to feed more often to stimulate the milk production. The body will accommodate the needs of the infant.

It is essential to remain hydrated while breastfeeding. Remaining hydrated means water and other healthy drinks that are going to nourish the body, rather than caffeinated drinks that are going to deplete the moisture in the body.

Mothers Tea
There are some formulations of teas that are meant to increase the amount of breast milk that is being produced. These teas are available through health food stores and natural food stores and can be a great way to stimulate the production of milk.

Pump Breastmilk
Pumping Breastmilk in addition to the infant nursing can be an effective way to increase the amount of milk that is being produced.

Avoid Stress
Reducing the amount of stress that the mother is faced with can actually help increase the amount of breast milk that is being created.

Use Herbal Remedies
Fennelgreek and Milk Thistle are two of the common herbs that are used to increase breast milk production. Made into teas or incorporated into the diet, these herbs have the ability to increase milk production in most women.

There are specific medications that are designed for women that are not medically producing enough milk to sustain the infant but still wish to breastfeed. These medications can be an effective way for women to sustain the Breastmilk in case there is a medical reason that the breast milk is not being produced.

Eat Nutrient Rich Food
It is important to choose healthy foods that are high in nutrients and vitamins while breastfeeding, as this is not only going to help maintain the milk supply but it is going to also be an effective way to ensure that the infant is getting nutrients and vitamins through the breast milk that is being consumed.

Avoid Caffeine
Caffeine should be avoided, but not for the reason that you think. It is important to avoid caffeine as it can cause the levels of stress in the body to increase, but can also decrease the amount of milk that is being produced. Avoiding caffeine can help to maintain the supply of breast milk in the body.




  1. I think you mean fennel and fenugreek, not fennelgreek…

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