11 products you do not need

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Some things seem to be too good to be true, such as the promise that you can lose weight without trying too hard or you grow muscle without lifting a finger.

Many of the products and habits which are recommended as healthy, are not always what they seem. Many of these are supported by scientific studies and do nothing but to leave an empty wallet.


1. Overview
2. Antioxidant supplements
3. Fortified water or drinks
4. Gels and wipes with substances for vaginal pH balance
5. Barefoot running shoes
6. Cleaning the colon
7. Clothing moisturizer
8. Ice clothing that helps burn fat
9. Wrinkle creams
10. Thermal costumes
11. Shoes with which you can lose weight
12. Fast abs using electrical impulses

Antioxidant supplements

Generally, buying supplements with antioxidants, including vitamin C and E, minerals such as selenium and also fish oil supplements and beta carotene, is a waste of money. You can easily procure your daily amount of antioxidants from a healthy diet.

Fortified water or drinks

You might believe that these drinks are more important than others because they have vitamins in composition, but they have only a few grams less sugar than a glass of cola.

Gels and wipes with substances for vaginal pH balance

Vaginal pH increases during menstruation, but there are no studies to prove that this cause a problem.

Manufacturers of buffer with substances or gels for balancing vaginal acidity say they help restore the pH level, such as the price of these types of buffers is greater.

Barefoot running shoes

These shoes have been very fashionable lately. Those who practiced jogging specifically chose this type of shoes but many have opted for products that are essentially a glove for the foot.

Barefoot shoes seem to help correct running and can help lower natural frequency of injuries. However, they could not confirm scientifically these claims.

Cleaning the colon

This is promoted extensively and can learn from various sources as many celebrities lose weight and enjoy the benefits of colon detoxification by cleansing with water, using a procedure similar to enema.

However, waste and toxins do not accumulate over time and colon has the capacity to cleanse itself, on its own. There is little evidence on the health benefits of colon cleansing and it seems that this can have some unpleasant side effects such as stomach pain and even diarrhea. In addition, costs are pretty high.

Clothing moisturizer

There are some clothing lines that includes cellulite and moisturizing ingredients (such as shea butter and caffeine) in clothing fabrics. It is too good to be true.

It is said that body heat slowly stimulates the clothing releasing ingredients embedded in its fibers. However, they are so expensive, that is easier to buy separate care products.

Ice clothing that helps burn fat

These so called pants that burn fat, keep the ice stuck tight hips, abdomen and buttocks. Use 30 minutes per day for 5 weeks can reduce fat and lead to burn calories faster.

Manufacturing company has invested in studies on the effects of low temperatures on fat, but these studies have not had much in common with the areas for which were developed these special pants.

Wrinkle creams

At the first appearance of fine lines and blemishes associated with aging, many women quickly begin to use plenty of anti-aging creams, ointments and serums that promise to stop the clock.

However, the reality is that with most of these products there is little positive evidence concerning their effects are often minor. In addition, as the promised results are consistent, the higher is the price. Do not expect miracles.

Thermal costumes

When boxers have to lose a few pounds for official scales will make some quick training and will sweat to remove water. This quickly eliminated weight will come back once they will rehydrate.

Similarly, when a person will not make any alterations to the daily diet but will use thermal suits, will lose some pounds only temporary. Vinyl equipment not helps melting fat and may even cause fatigue due to the effort you make to regulate your body temperature.

Worse, excessive dehydration can lead to kidney failure, stroke and heart attack. Only a complete running and exercise help reduce the number of actual pounds.

Shoes with which you can lose weight

Some brands of shoes claim that only those wearing slippers or shoes will helps improve your health.

It is assumed that walking, regardless of type of shoes will help tone both the abdomen and legs. However, simply wearing these shoes won’t have miraculous results, but they could motivate and could become a fun and comfortable way to add a small boost in your daily routine.

Fast abs using electrical impulses

Some types of electrical pulse devices claims that may contribute to the development and muscle tone but also to reduce the amount of body fat, only elective muscle stimulation, massage by wearing a belt around the waist.

As much as you would like this idea, studies hardly have failed to demonstrate that the electrical stimulation of muscles to achieve desired effects. Even though by this time of exercise to burn some calories, fat will not melt on a particular area.



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