15 Million Preterm Infants Per Year

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15 million infants or may be 1 in 10 all across the world are born premature each year, and around 1.1 million of these babies die, as per the UN sponsored report. The main reason for deaths in newborn infants is premature birth and this is on peak all across the globe, as per the reports of World Health Organization, Save the Children and The March of Dimes.  The research defined the preterm births as taking place ahead 37 weeks of the pregnancy. Regular pregnancies last for 38-40 weeks.

What did the study discover?

Southern Asia is the leader in the world with elevated preterm birth rate approximately 13.3% of the infants born early, after Sub Urban Africa with 12.3 percent. All together, South Asia and Africa are responsible for nearly 60% of all pre-mature births. The progressed world’s complete premature birth rate was estimated around 8.6%. Rate of preterm births in other nations was:

  • Congo: more than 18%
  • Belarus: less than 5%
  • Indonesia and Pakistan accounted for 8th and 9th rank

The other nations which had highest number of pre-term births were China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and United States. Those nations were the leaders of a team of 15 which account for 2/3rd of the globe’s preterm births. There is a noticeable survival gap for the preterm infants based on where they are born. In nations with low income, the infants die within the initial days of life and in high-income nations, less than 10% of the infants die.

What results in preterm birth?

The result of premature birth are mainly not known, however there might be associations to high blood pressure, genetic influences, infections, diabetes and chronic infections.



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