30 Must Know Home Remedies for Leg Pain

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Leg Pain The pain around the muscles and joints of the leg is usually refers to leg pain. Most of the leg pains occur for accident or injury. Beside these, there might be some other reasons that effect leg, for example, the damage of the nerves of the leg.

Major causes and reasons for leg pain are:

1. Muscle strain.

2. Ligament breaks.

3. Arthritis.

4. Standing for long hours.

5. Over exertion.

6. Weakness.

12 Must know Home remedies and cures for leg pain

1. The most common home remedy for leg pain is massaging and heat treatment. This works better if there is any problem with the muscles.

2. If you suffered a minor injury or have sore leg muscles and joints, use ice. Wrap ice in a towel and put it on the affected the area for 20-30 minutes while keeping your leg elevated, then compress the area using the towel. Most recommended if you have problems after jogging. (via WikiHow)

3. Coconut is a good natural remedy for knee pain. It works with other leg pains too.

4. If you take 200 grams of mustard oil and 10 grams of camphor and keep the mixture under the sun till the camphor melts, the left over is a very quick home remedy for leg pain. It’s more effective when it is warm. Massage for about 15-20 minutes, then wrap up the leg with a cotton cloth. Your pain will go away within minutes. Regular practice can cure your pain completely.

5. Relieve leg cramps by squeezing your upper lip for 30 seconds between thumb and forefinger. Halfway between the top of the lip and the nose is a Chinese trigger point.

6. You can try eating few walnuts every morning on empty stomach. This will solve your leg pain fast.

7. Cod liver oil is a very helpful and effective home remedy for leg pain. Mix one tablespoon with the juice from one orange. Drink it before going to sleep.

8. If you take one or two teaspoon of fenugreek powder with water each morning, it will work as a very functional home remedy for leg pain.

9. There is different yoga available for leg pain and you can practice them to get an effective result. This can be a perfect home remedy for your leg pain. Check best yoga pose for sore legs video or this article from Yogawiz.com

10. Massaging the painful area with Arthcare oil shows positive result in case of bone injury. This home remedy has been used for a long time against leg pain.

11. Relieve leg cramps by taking a warm bath. This will help muscles to relax.

12. If you have leg cramps apply pressure on the middle of the cramp with your fist or your thumb for 15-20 seconds, until it hurts. Usually the cramp will release.

13. To avoid some general leg injury due to physical weakness, you can maintain a healthy diet that includes all the basic needs for the body. Try a diet that is high on natural fibers from fruits (bananas are the best), veggies (soya beans, sprout), potatoes (high in potassium), eggs and whole grains (also, check my post on 28 super nutritive foods). Exposure to sunlight for vitamin D is also good. Don’t forget the nuts tip above, and also add milk and dairy products (for calcium), ragi, drumstick and drumstick leaves (especially if you are a vegetarian). Avoid heavy meals, fried foods and the consumption of rice during nighttime.

14. One raw clove of garlic every day is very beneficial to your overall health, not just leg pain.

15. A good idea is to place a pillow lengthwise between your legs and lay on your side at night. (via)



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