4 Things To Be Aware Of Before Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic surgery is getting popular not just for women but recently for men also. If you have plans to have cosmetic surgery done you should be aware of what will take place before it happens. Here are four things to be aware of before cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic alteration of the human body is a multi billion dollar industry in some Western countries. You may feel good before you have to actually go under the knife but do you know the details about what will take place ? Preparation is the key to many things and cosmetic surgery is no different. The first thing you will need to think about is something called malignant hyperthermia. What is malignant hyperthermia ? It is an inherited muscle condition that only affects a few people. During sedation in surgery the muscles of the body of a person who has malignant hyperthermia have drastic side effects to the anasthesia being used. This is easily avoided by previous testing but if not treated when found can result in death. Make sure the person performing your surgery checks you for this condition before putting you under anesthesia.

The second thing to do be aware of is the use of cigarettes. If you are a smoker it is possible you will have negative events happen during your recovery. If liposuction is your chosen cosmetic surgery you should consider cutting back on smoking months before your surgery date. The toxins in cigarettes are of course bad for you anyway and they can effect you having a regular recovery from surgery.

If you have high blood pressure you should of course have it under control for your elective surgery. High blood pressure negatively affects your body during surgery and inserts another negative into what needs to be a positive event for you. If you have high blood pressure initiate the proper treatment with a better diet and regular exercise. Just these two things will help you maintain a more healthy blood pressure without the use of alternative drugs.

The last thing to be aware of before your cosmetic surgery is that you will not be allowed to eat. Usually the midnight before your surgery will take place you should stop eating. If you have a medication that is required you should just take it with a small glass of water and no more.

If you remember many of the things here that you have learned you will no doubt do better with your cosmetic surgery and avoid needless problems.




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