4 ways to boost your memory

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Many who grow older experience memory loss. Not all experience memory loss even though they are advanced in years. Why is this ? Asking good questions is the first step to higher levels of understanding. Here we will explore four ways to boost your memory.

Alzheimer´s disease is a called an “ever growing crisis” by some and for this reason it is smart to take good care of your brain. You can experience a high level of memory in your older years, or you can experience some other lower level. For the most part it is your choice. Memory BoostYou are taking the much-needed first step by using your time to seek out what some call the “alternative” way of taking charge of your own health. In reality, those things that try to take the place of established, time-tested methods are more rightly called “alternative”. For this reason, the relatively new methods of using chemicals in place of organic sources of healing remedies are rightly called “alternative” methods.

Your brain is similar to a muscle and the saying; “If you do not use it you will lose it.”, applies to your memory. If you are not actively engaged in memory exercises to expand your memory, today is as good a time as any to begin. You can use a host of things, even video games to give your memory challenges daily. If you need a more traditional method of training your memory skills, use flash cards. Puzzles are a good memory exercise, use pieces that have difficult shapes for a better effect. For a more social category of memory exercises, you can use a game called; “Repeat After Me”. This has the whole group trying to remember the names chosen alphabetically from the members of the group playing the game.

If you would like to take the herbal route to boost your memory take a look at a few mentioned here. Walnut has been regarded as an herb to help the memory. There is not a lot of documentation to back this up, so check it out before you set out to maintain your memory with walnuts. Sources of anti-oxidants, such as purple fruits and vegetables, are also places to find memory-friendly ingredients. Ginkgo biloba has been touted as a herb that boosts the blood circulation, including to the brain and is therefore a way to help you boost your memory.

The third way to boost your memory is one you may have heard of before; fish. Fish oil has those omega fatty acids that are good for the brain and therefore for the memory. If you would like to know which type of fish has the highest amount of omega oils, salmon and hoki have been recommended. Those fish who live in cold water conditions have good concentrations of this oil

The fourth and last way to boost your memory is to exercise. Common exercise that increases your heart rate will also increase blood flow to the brain which in turn will help your memory. If your body is in good shape physically it helps your brain to be in good shape physically also. Living a sedentary lifestyle is one of the worst ways to live. Be active and it will help to increase your memory also.




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