4 ways to stay fit during holidays

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If you are like many people in North America, Europe, and other places, you are concerned about gaining too much weight during the Christmas holiday season. You can eat some things and enjoy yourself during the holidays and still avoid becoming a blimp to do so. There are ways to eat and still stay slim. Lets look at four ways to stay slim for the holidays.

The best and healthiest way to stay slim is to not feel hungry. How do you do that ? Carry a quick snack in your pocket. You can carray a small bag of peanuts or something similar in your pocket or purse and snack on it during the day. This will prevent those cravings that are hard to deal with. You do not have to choose only peanuts of course. You can use chewing gum or anything that will increase your blood sugar level. Your natural hunger kicks in when you reach a certain low level of blood sugar. As long as you stay above this level, you may not ever feel hungry.

If you get into a system of eating breakfast and eating at certain times of the day, your body will get accustomed to the schedule. You can use this to your advantage during the holidays. Eating a good breakfast is already a healthy habit to get into. But eating a good breakfast before you head out, or whatever it is you do during the day, will help you not be hungry until about four hours later. This is a general statement, because if you have a physically active morning, you will feel hungry regardless of what you eat in the morning. Since Christmas dinners and parties are mostly during the night you can arrange your eating schedule to have enough food in your system to not be overly hungry at night. This means when you are confronted with the calorie-ridden cakes and sweets you can eat a small amount of them instead of having a belly full of them.

If you can not take advantage of any of the above, you have another way to stay slim during the holidays. When you attend parties or gatherings, head for the vegetables first. Those carrots sticks and broccoli sprouts can take away your hunger. Most get-togethers that include food have a salad section to munch on. If you want, you can avoid the sweets altogether and just eat raw vegetables. Believe it or not raw vegetables are so healthy for you that certain people have lived past their hundredth birthday by simply eating raw vegetables.

The fourth way to stay slim during the holidays is to hang around with those who are slim during the holidays. Have you noticed that those who are overweight usually choose overweight friends to be around ? Reverse engineer this to your advantage. Start hanging around with the slim folks and learn their habits. You will either find out that they have a high metabolism or learn their eating habits. Either way you learn something good. A way to increase your metabolism is to drink green tea. You can also eat smaller meals more often to increase your metabolism. Exercising increases your metabolism. There are other ways to stay slim during the holidays but these are some basic ones. Use them in good health.




  1. The holidays are a tough time to stay on a diet. I find conducting a detox before or after can really help get back in the game

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