40 ways you can use vinegar

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White vinegar has many uses.

With its help you can clean and polish objects or can be used as a herbicide.

In addition, mixed with water, it can replace many cleaning and disinfecting products that every housewife has in house.


1. Overview
2. How you can benefit from the properties of vinegar

How you can benefit from the properties of vinegar

1. Freshen the refrigerator. Clean the shelves and walls of your refrigerator with a solution of half water and half vinegar.

2. Clean the cups of coffee and tea with vinegar and salt (or sodium bicarbonate), in equal parts.

3. Eliminate odors. Clean plastic containers with a cloth soaked in vinegar.

4. Destroy germs in the bathroom. Spray vinegar around the sink and tub.

5. To remove traces of the iron shiny garment and antiperspirant stains, rub gently with vinegar and then wipe with a dry cloth.

6. WC cleaned. Pour a cup of white distilled vinegar in the toilet bowl. Leave the mixture to act overnight. Rub well with a toilet brush and rinse.

7. Remove carpet stains with a paste of 2 tablespoons white distilled vinegar and 1/4 cup salt or baking soda. Rub the stain, let it dry and vacuum residue.

8. Refresh your brushes. To remove the old paint, place brushes in a pot and add a little vinegar. Soak them for an hour and then let it simmer for a few minutes using low heat. Drain and rinse brushes.

9. Wipe dirty taps and remove lime with a paste of one teaspoon of vinegar and two teaspoons of salt and apply the solution on taps. It will rub thoroughly with a rag and rinse.

10. Diminished electrostatic charging of clothes. Add 1/2 cup of white distilled vinegar to the wash cycle.

11. Give old socks and sweat stained clothes a new look by soaking them in a vinegar solution overnight. Add 1 cup of white distilled vinegar in a large pot with water.

12. Reconditioned bags and shoes. Blot the leather bags and shoes with white distilled vinegar. In this way you will give shine and you will be able to hide their wrinkles.

13. Remove weeds. You must pour enough vinegar on the plant for it to reach the roots.

14. Refresh flowers and start squeezing it dry by placing them in water with a teaspoon of sugar and a tablespoon of white vinegar.

15. End the itching. Soak a cotton ball in white vinegar and dab mosquito and insect bites.

16. White teeth. Brush your teeth once a week with distilled vinegar. Dip a toothbrush in vinegar and brush your teeth well.

17. Strengthen your nails. Prior to offering nail polish, wipe them with a cotton swab dipped in distilled vinegar.

18. Frost-free car windows. Wash your car windows with a solution of three parts white distilled vinegar and one part water. Acidity prevents ice formation.

19. Provide your dog’s fur shine. Spray on your dog’s fur a solution of distilled vinegar and water (one quart of water to a cup of distilled vinegar) to remove fleas and ticks from animal fur.

20. Destroy bacteria in meat. Marinate meat in vinegar for it tender and destroy bacteria. For this prepare a mixture of 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar for every 2 pounds of meat; in the mix you can add herbs and spices. Cook without rinsing.

21. Prevent breaking eggs by adding two tablespoons of vinegar to the boiling water.

22. Disinfect microwave. Fill a small bowl with equal parts water and vinegar and leave it in the microwave for 5 minutes. The steam that comes out of this mixture will help dislodge dirt from the oven. Then wipe with a damp cloth.

23. Clean debris from the jar by pouring a few drops of vinegar. Put the lid and shake well. Debris will slip and will be easy to remove.

24. Wash fruits and vegetables. Add two tablespoons of white distilled vinegar in a pint. Solution destroy pesticides and can do more than just water.

25. Loosen a rusty screw. To remove a rusty bolt is enough to pour a little vinegar along with it.

26. Remove chewing gum from fabric or hair. For this purpose it will heat a small bowl of vinegar in the microwave. There will be hot vinegar over the gum to dissolve.

27. Beware cheese molds. Wrap cheese in a fabric soaked with vinegar, then place it in a container in the refrigerator.

28. Renew sponge bath. For this, soak your sponge in a solution composed of equal parts water and vinegar and hold the sponge for 24 hours to dissolve soap residue.

29. Remove wax. If there is melted wax on furniture or floors, wipe them gently with a cloth soaked in a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water.

30. Take a relaxing bath. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar in warm water bath to relax. Vinegar removes dead skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

31. Give hair shine. You can remove impurities from the hair using a tablespoon of vinegar for the hair rinse, once a month.

32. Clean the pencil or crayon marks drawn by children on the walls or floor. Dip a toothbrush in white vinegar and rub gently.

33. Freshen fabrics. Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spread it around the house to neutralize odors from fabrics, carpets, shoes or other similar surface.

34. Sticky stickers. Do not scratch the leftovers after detachment stickers or labels. Apply vinegar and let it work for a few minutes and then gently remove the glue.

35. Cleaning the dishwasher and coffee maker. Remove accumulations of soap and food residue by pouring a cup of vinegar in the empty dishwasher or coffee machine once a month and let them do their complete cycle.

36. Get the grill ready for summer by spraying a small amount of white vinegar on an aluminum foil. Rub the grill well.

37. Restore shower pressure. If you shower clogged with mineral deposits, put it for 15 minutes in a mixture of water and vinegar (1/2 cup of vinegar to one quart of water).

38. Clean your scissors. When the scissors blades become sticky, wipe them with a cloth soaked in white vinegar without damaging their blades.

39. Eliminate dandruff. Use (once a week after shampooing) a cup of cider vinegar which you will rinse the scalp. Leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse well with cold water.

40. Soften your skin and corns cracked feet. Soak your feet for 20 minutes in a solution prepared this way: one part of vinegar mixed with two parts warm water. Vinegar removes dead skin, leaving feet soft and smooth.



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