5 causes of Hypoglycemia

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People generally worry about hyperglycemia (a high level of sugar in the blood) and the hyperglycemic crisis, and tend to ignore hypoglycemia (a low level of sugar in the blood), which can be as dangerous as hyperglycemia too.

When the body lacks sugar you might feel an intense fatigue or weakness. Some people loose their normal ability of concentration, start sweating and if the level of glucose in blood is not rapidly completed to normal blackouts, convulsions and even coma can occur.

So, as you can see hypoglycemia is as serious as hyperglycemia, and this is why we should learn why this affection appears, what its symptoms are and how we can prevent a crisis.

Some of the causes of hypoglycemia are:

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1. Malnutrition. Glucose is brought to the body through alimentation. When you miss more meals (mostly when you have exams, and you are stressed about them, or when you just don’t make time for eating) the glucose level in blood decreases and does not have any resources to raise it back to normal. So, fatigue and dizziness install.
2. Exercising too much. Sports are great, but they need to be done with intelligence. If you want to loose weight by exercising intensely you should know that by doing that, glucose is being consumed by the activity that takes place in the muscles. So you need to eat in order to compensate the lost quantity of glucose. If you want to loose weight, don’t worry, there are special bars that can be eaten after exercising and that will not put extra weight on your body.

3. Diabetes. Yes, don’t wonder, as this can happen if severe insulin reaction occurs in a person that suffers of diabetes or if too much medication (insulin) is taken, or the meal program is not respected. Generally diabetic people are aware that hypoglycemia can occur quite easy in their case and this is why they and their family are well prepared by the doctor for such situations.

4. Early pregnancy. In women that are pregnant hypoglycemia can occur quite often as a consequence of a drop in glucose production.

5. Drinking alcohol. In more sensitive individuals an intake of a normal quantity of alcohol can lead to a certain decrease in the level of sugar in blood. In alcoholic people hypoglycemia has been noted too.

As carbohydrates are the main source of glucose for our body, it is indicated that we maintain a certain balance between proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Not skipping important meals is the best solution for preventing hypoglycemia.



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