5 Natural Home Remedies for CHICKEN POX

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Chicken pox is a viral infection that is caused due to the varicella-zoster virus. Children, aged between two to eight, are mostly affected by this infection. This problem can also affect adults but is more severe in those cases. This disease can spread by breathing the air which is infected by the affected victim’s sneeze or cough or through direct contact.

The usual symptoms of this disease include rashes, mild headache, feeling of weakness and loss in appetite. But it is mostly notice-able when it reaches the infectious stage.

The following home remedies could be used to minimize the itching and irritation that the affected person suffers:

  1. Lesions can be healed or the irritation could be lessened by the use of brown vinegar. Adding ½ cup vinegar to bathwater (lukewarm) can help in treating the pox.
  2. Many remedies can help in relieving the itching and irritation. For example, boiling a bowl of water mixed with green peas and then applying the strained water on the affected area. Or one teaspoon hazel leaves and two tablespoon marigold flowers should be left in a cup of water for overnight steeping. In the morning, grinding and applying the mixture can treat chicken pox.
  3. The pox scars can blemish the skin. Applying sandalwood oil during the entire period of pox can help in curing the problem and also helps in preventing the scars from harming the skin. Also, irritation and rashes can be relieved by coating the affected area with honey.
  4. The lesions can be healed by adding two cups of powdered oatmeal in the bath water. Better results can be achieved by adding one cup of baking soda in the same water. The neem leaves have a natural healing effect and adding them to the bathing water can treat the chicken pox.
  5. Different foods and drinks made of herbal products can also help in healing the chicken pox infection. About sixty grams of fresh coriander and hundred grams of carrots should be finely chopped. Their mixture should be boiled and then strained. Drinking the cooled concoction once daily can help in healing the infection.




    1. Never knew, “irritation and rashes can be relieved by coating the affected area with honey.”

      When my children get chicken pox, I’ll remember this home remedy. Thanks for the help. :)

    2. Home Remedies for Chicken Pox says:

      Chicken pox is a viral infection that can be easily cured with some more powerful natural home remedies for chicken pox.

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