5 of the most frequent scalp problems we have to deal with daily

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A beautiful, taken care of hair is considered by a lot of people to be a precious jewel, a secret seduction weapon and a door opener. Some people have inherited their nice hair and no not have to invest a lot of money and time in order to make it look great. But these people are only a minority. Most of us grown-ups usually have problems with maintaining the spectacular, healthy aspect of our hair. The scalp is most often the source of problems for the hair. Here are some of the most frequent scalp issues and solutions to them:

1. Dandruff. This condition is believed to be triggered by fungus (mostly yeast) and it affects women as much as men. There are a lot of solutions for this problem nowadays, so you do not have to worry any more that you will not be able to control this affection. Special shampoos that contain ketoconazole are quite effective against dandruff. You can buy them over the counter. Sometimes dandruff appears as a reaction to your regular shampoo. Try changing it for a few weeks and see if any improvement in your scalp appears.



2. Dry scalp. This can cause you itchiness and dandruff like aspect of the scalp. As dry scalp is associated with dry hair you must use the right shampoo for you (for very dry hair), that will moisturize your hair and scalp, not dry it even more. Try the shampoos that are found only in saloons as they have a better quality than the regular ones we buy from the supermarket.

3. Oily scalp. Well, a lot of people complain of this affection too. Washing the hair too often is not a solution as the scalp will only end up secreting even more oil than usual and you will end up trying to get away from a vicious circle: you wash your hair daily because your hair looks oily, but at the end of the day the oil is back on your hair. Use an adequate oil free shampoo for your hair. If you use hair conditioner, you should apply it only on the ends of your hair, not on the roots. Sometimes oily hair and scalp is caused by hormonal unbalances, so you should talk with an endocrinologist and see if a contraceptive pill might resolve your problem.

4. Hair loss. I have written a more detailed article about this issue, you can find it here: Hair fall causes and control

5. Ringworm. This affection causes a lot of itchiness, as it is an infection of the scalp. After the itchiness begins you can see one or more rashes on the scalp, which are made of circular red patches. They have the aspect of a worm. The solution for this problem is using a shampoo that contains selenium sulfide (2.5%) or zinc pyrithione (1-2%) along with oral medication prescribed by a dermatologist.



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