5 tips on how to protect the “light of your eyes”

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Seeing is one of the most precious gifts humans could ever receive at birth. Our eyes and sight being so fragile need to be protected and cared for in order to remain healthy. Here are a few things you should consider if you want to maintain a perfect sight.

1. Watch out for the light. When you study at your desk or you just read a book in a comfortable chair it is important that you offer your eyes a good light. An equable light that is not too strong but yet not too weak is essential for helping the eyes work effective. If you let your eyes work in a dark place you will only hasten the occurrence of myopia or hypermetropia. Also, if you work a lot at the desk you should consider placing it close to the window, parallel with the light. This means that if you are right handed the light should come from your left side. In this way your eyes will receive the needed light and will not be bothered by shadows that otherwise appear from your hand when you write.

2. Computers. We use them a lot these days and even though they have become more and more performant they can still harm our vision. An anti-reflex monitor that has an optimum level of contrast and luminosity can help a lot. You should also remember to take a break from looking in the monitor from time to time, and look far away on the window. This will help your eyes relax a little bit. Also, when we work at the computer it is known that we blink more rarely than we should. Changing focusing and using artificial tears can improve your working performances and preserve your eyesight.

3. Smoking. As some studies have said, smoking is responsible for a decrease in the eyes ability, at people over 50. Also, the development of certain eye affection like macular degeneration and cataract is accelerated by this bad habit of ours. So, besides lung cancer here is another reason for you to quit smoking now: blindness.

4. Using SPF. Our eyes need protection against ultraviolet and other radiations that have a proven effect into producing cataract or macular degeneration. You should wear outdoors special sunglasses that have UV protection, but buy them only from certified stores.

5. The right food for the eyes. Aliments that contain vitamin A (carrots) and lutein (spinach and cabbage plants like kale and collard) help against macular degeneration. Foods that contain omega 3 acids seem to be great against dry eyes.




  1. These are 5 great tips to help start consumers and I would recommend this site http://www.eyecaresource.com if anyone has more severe conditions and would like detailed answers.

  2. I agree i believe we should all take of our eyesight at a very early age so that as we get older it doesn’t become a problem. Thanks for the great article.

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