5 Ways To Build Up Your Stamina

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Do you look at little kids running around all the time and wonder where they get all that energy?  Do you look at them and remember that you used to do that, or wonder if you used to do that?
All kids have stamina that goes on forever.  However, as we age, most of us lose that stamina because we haven’t kept up with our health in any fashion, and the foods we eat affect us differently.  As a child, if someone gave you a lot of sugar, you’d run like a wild person until you finally crashed.  As an older person, you’d probably just crash and fall asleep after a while.
Metabolism has a lot to do with how we process our foods.  We can control parts of how our metabolism will work by getting into a workout routine that helps stimulate digestion, which is pretty much what metabolism is all about.  Would you like to find the energy to do things that you haven’t felt like doing in a very long time?  Here are some ways to regain a bit of that energy and stamina.
1.  First, determine that you’re going to do something. This isn’t a physical tip, but a mental tip.  Many people say they want to do something, then don’t do anything at all, or do it for a few days expecting results, and quit.  If you really decide you want to do it, get yourself either a large notepad or a large calendar.  List what you want to do on a daily basis then do it.  Every day you complete it, or a portion of it, mark it off your list.  Set up a 30-day trial for yourself to see if you can do something at least 20 days.  They say it takes doing something at least 16 times for it to become a habit you’ll miss; give it a shot.
2.  Start off by walking.  Walking is one of the best exercises in the world for most people. You can decide to either walk on a treadmill, or do outside and walk.  Many people don’t like treadmills because after a while, even if you have a TV or stereo, it feels boring.  So, alternate between that and going outside for a walk.  Start out walking at a pace you can handle, and try to get at least 15 minutes in.  If you have a course of some kind, such as walking around your block in the neighborhood, that works well also.  If you can find a place that is beautiful and scenic, such as a park or along a lake or river, is even better.  It helps you stay inspired and want to continue doing it over and over.
At some point, you’ll want to alternate between walking faster and walking slower.  What you might try to do is find a place where you can walk at least 15 minutes in one direction.  Try walking that one at a brisker pace than you normally would.  Then, when you get to your marker, walk back at a slower, regular pace.  If you can’t do 15 minutes of a hard walk, do as long as you can, then when you reach your limit turn around and walk normally; it all helps.
If you want to build up your running stamina, you have to bear in mind the fact that running also stimulates your heart. You can surprise your cardiovascular apparatus by alternating running with jogging. This way, your heart will have to adjust to the different speeds, becoming stronger. On normal basis, you should sprint about 100 meters and then jog the same distance but if you’re not brilliant at estimating you can always rely on the counting method. Count 80 steps while you are sprinting and then 110 when you are jogging. Ultimately, you can increase your running stamina first by walking uphill, then running in the same direction, as it is more difficult. The moment you can walk 20 minutes uphill without great effort, you can try running the same path for 10 minutes.
3.  If you have a bicycle, and the seat doesn’t hurt too much, this offers a great cardio workout. The thing about a bicycle is that you can go so many more places than just walking, get there faster, and your legs move faster which gives you a better workout.  Also, when you get a little bit tired, you can coast and you’re still moving forward, or back to where you want to do, with minimal effort.  The important thing about biking is to make sure your body is comfortable; if not, you’ll quit pretty quickly.
4.  There are plenty of other motion exercises that will help you gain more stamina. Some are a bit more intense, such as running and jogging, whereas others are a bit more sedate and easy to handle, such as yoga and tai chi. The thing here is that your body needs movement, steady movement, and whether it’s controlled or not, it’s movement and motion that helps you build up your stamina.
Many people buy pedometers to measure how many steps they take every day, and if you can shoot for at least 5,000 steps or more a day, your body will benefit from it.  This is more of a cumulative type of exercising rather than getting it all in one burst, but you could view it in a way where you use the early part of the day just walking around, then later on try to find a way to get the rest of the steps in, even if it’s just another short walk of some kind.
Moreover, swimming might be one sport that can shock you if you make up your mind to give it a chance. Swimming provides a great cardiovascular workout which is paramount for improving your stamina, and also makes your entire body look slender and athletic although it is a low-impact form of exercise.
Swimming is vital for building up stamina, because it has an overall effect on you, as your stamina will improve in the water but also outside it. Swimming is recommended for everyone, especially for those who suffer from different physical impairments such as arthritis, or for those who already had their knees or feet injured because this sport has a lower impact on the human body, unlike the air sports. If you improve your endurance when it comes to swimming, you are also improving your overall stamina because swimming lowers your heart rate. On the other hand, you don’t have to rush to progress, but you have to achieve minor goals at first. Start swimming once a week, and then as the months pass by, add an extra day of swimming. You will ultimately swim every single day because you will just feel the lack of energy if you don’t. You can’t get hurt while you’re swimming but you can only benefit from it. So increase your stamina through swimming and have fun in the meantime.
If you just want to increase your punching stamina, all you have to have at hand is a heavy bag and a fast bag and a pair of boxing gloves.  When you train with your heavy bag you have to focus on powerful punches, because the heavy bag actually makes your arms tire fast. However, punching stamina increases when you are able to gradually spend a larger amount of time training with the heavy bag, provided your punches aren’t light. When training with a fast bag, the goal is to deliver as many punches as possible in the shortest period of time. The goal for increasing punching stamina is to add 20-10 extra seconds of continuous punching every week. You also have to run at least 5 miles per week, perform light boxing and take fewer and fewer breaks in order to increase your punching stamina and become a better athlete.
In order to increase your muscular stamina, you always have to consider consulting a physician and a nutritionist before starting any new exercise program or drastic diet. Roughly, you have to consume 10-20 grams of protein before each workout so that your muscles get filled with energy. Protein shakes or bars that are already prepared are very easy to find on the market but if you want to keep it simple, you can always choose to eat some eggs, as they contain 6 grams of protein each and represent a handy source of protein before starting your workout routine. Muscular stamina increases the moment when your endurance gets better. To achieve that, you have to take up the so called body-weight exercises which only use the weight of your body as the form of resistance for the exercise, such as leg raises, squats, crunches, pull-ups and push-ups. It has been proven that an average person increases his muscular stamina by performing 5 to 10 exercises, 3 to 5 days per week. Ultimately, you have to focus on cardiovascular exercises, such as running, hiking, rollerblading and jogging three to five days a week, for half an hour at first, then reaching a complete hour.
5.  You’ve got to change up your diet.  Instead of telling you what to eat, we’ll tell you what drags you down. As you get older, the more carbs you eat without some kind of balance with protein and grains, the most apt you’re going to be to have energy sapped out of you.  If you’ve noticed that when you eat certain meals you’re ready to go to sleep in the afternoon, that’s a pretty good indicator of the types of foods you might need to back off from.
Bread, especially white bread, will bring you down.  Rice, potatoes, and pasta will shut you down.  Too much sugar in something will shut you down also.  The best things are more protein, leaner meats if you can, and vegetables.  Some people will be shut down if they eat too much fruit in the afternoon because of their natural sweetener, fructose, which is still sugar, something that vegetables don’t have.  Moreover, you have to adapt your eating habits and eat several smaller meals a day rather than only two or three square meals in order to keep your stamina high. The most important thing here is to listen to your body, because even certain proteins will affect some people differently than others.
If you can try to follow each of these tips for at least a 30-day period, you might notice some very positive changes in your body that you like, because as you increase your stamina you may also lose weight and inches off your body.  And if that doesn’t inspire you to do more, we don’t know what will.
Video on using yoga to build up stamina

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  1. avinash rajpoot says:

    its really good advice for getting stamina back

  2. hema lohani says:

    good advice

  3. sunny health says:

    Wrong, sugar and carbs do not shut you down. On a low fat diet, carbs and sugar are the energy that keeps you going. Speak to any elite athlete- they will tell you the same. Carbs for energy and fat burning. Fat will make you slower as it inhibits uptake of sugar, which then sits in your bloodstream.

  4. thanks for this good tip on stamina, in my opinion i believe at-least 30 minutes of morning walk in necessary to keep your body fit all day long and also on the long run.

  5. not having stamina throuh out the day

  6. Taran singh says:


  7. Just sounds like exercises to improve strength. Stamina isn’t the same thing as strength.

  8. what u told s correct bt it depends n a individual

  9. Theophilus Anyanwu says:

    please i am interested in your line of products
    yours Anyanwu

  10. Kaushal Bathia says:

    I really appreciated the tips on your blog. I am 19 years old with a corrected heart condition and, I am going to tryout for my college football team and need to increase my stamina….
    please do inform me all the ways that will benefit me more and I have 4 months left for tryouts… I know that it will take time and I will work accordingly….

  11. Ranjit Green says:

    Wrong! Unpolished rice is a magical grain for stamina. Any animal product-whether it’s meat or dairy will weaken you. Here is a good diet for stamina.

    The four principles for a healthy body

    A) Plant based diet: Avoid all animal products and by products such as dairy. Have plenty of Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Legumes, Leaves, Seeds and nuts. Drink fresh water at regular intervals.

    B) Eat Organic

    C) Eat Natural food: Avoid food coming from industrial plants

    D) Eat whole food (not a part of it: such as seeds rather than seed oils. Fruits rather than fruit juice)

  12. iI want to dance..go to dance class…bt stamina is very low…i get tired very early doing warm ups or while dancing..please suggest me any way to inc my stamina level

  13. john dennis says:

    Just five minutes after I start walking, I experience hard breathing and a burning in my upper chest. After about ten minutes rest I am able to resume walking without much difficulty. Does this indicate a decrease in stamina?

  14. Carbs do not shut you down, but you should limit yourself from it. Sugar does make you lose stamina in some ways. Such as juice. Once you drink the juice, you’ll feel like you’re refreshed, but a good 15 minutes later, you’ll feel heavy and tired. Summer is a season that decreases your stamina, so please be careful!

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