5 Simple but yet essential tips on how to maintain your hair healthy

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Some women are born with beautiful hair and they don’t have to worry about volumizing, about bad hair days or about the fact that they might loose their hair before they get very old. Besides these lucky cases, we can say that the rest of us need some information on how to take care better of our hair in order to have a better external aspect and of course an improved self esteem.

These tips I will give you in this article are easy to apply, are not expensive and will generally inform you on how to correctly take care of your hair.beautifulhair

1. Diet is 50% responsible of your hair’s aspect. You should know that when your body lacks essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, your hair, nails and skin will be pointing this thing out. A hair that has lost its shiny aspect, that looks friable and even seems to have lost its natural volume is definitely hungry for essential nutrients. Try to follow a balanced diet, and to eat a little bit from everything. Best include in your alimentation foods that are rich in calcium, proteins and iron. Some vitamins are also important for the hair’s growth: vitamin B and C.

2. Be careful how you comb your hair. Some women have this bad habit of roughly combing their hair when it is wet and they only manage to traumatize it. The thing is that a wet hair is very fragile and can be harmed quite easily in that moment and this is why you should comb your hair after you have tapped it first with a dry towel. Also, you should first use a special wide tooth comb for separating the hair tangles and only afterwards use your normal hair comb.

3. Use conditioner. Even though you might always be on the run with daily chars, you should take your time when washing your hair. Always apply conditioner as it will protect your hair against air pollution, chlorine, intense sun light and hard water. In case you have an oily hair you should avoid applying the conditioner on the hair roots and keep it only for the ends.

4. Go to the hairdresser regularly. Normally you should go there every six weeks for taking care of your split ends and once a week for a scalp massage. Improving your blood circulation in the scalp will surely enhance your hair growth.

5. Wear a hairstyle that is appropriate for your physiognomy and your hair type. The hair stylist will be able to advice you on what your hair needs for maintaining its volume and best aspect. Try not to abuse of too many hairstyle changes that might damage your hair irreversibly (and here I mention changing color too often, adopting perms and using hair irons every day).

Treat your hair with patience and respect and you will see you will be rewarded ten times greater, as a perfect hair aspect can do wonders with your self esteem and can open you many doors in life.




  1. Thank you for the tips. I never used conditionner before and now I think that maybe I should!

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