6 helpful tips on how to stop snoring

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Snoring might be a funny subject for some people, but for those who are affected in a direct or indirect way by it can be a serious problem. Snoring can be a marriage breaker as it can affect the partner’s sleep. Besides this, snoring can cause sleep apnea, a serious affection that needs medical attendances.

Snoring is mainly triggered by smoking, overweight, alcohol intake, allergies and a particularity in the anatomic structure of the respiratory tract.

Here are a few useful and easy things you can try in order to keep snoring away from your bedroom:

1. Avoid drinking alcohol before bedtime. As alcohol relaxes the muscles that vibrate inside the pharynx, drinking alcohol before going to sleep would not be such a good idea. It also seems that the more you drink the harder you will snore. So, try to keep away from alcohol in the evening if you know you are a hard snorer.

2. Avoid sedatives. If you have problems with sleeping, no not take sedatives. You might get a good night sleep, but your partner will definitely not. This is because of throat muscle relaxation that is caused by these sleeping pills. Such an intense relaxation is given by antihistaminic treatment too (this treatment is against allergies).

3. Give up smoking. It seems that smoking causes a swallowing of the pharynx’s tissues, facilitating their vibration during inspiration and expiration. Besides the fact that snoring will get to an end, giving up smoking will protect you from developing lung cancer.

4. Change your sleeping position. If you snore moderately changing the sleeping position from backsides to any other position (side or front) can stop you from snoring. In the case of those who are hard snorers this trick does not seem to work.

5. Watch you weight. If you are overweight this might be the case of your snoring. Try to loose some pounds and then you will see that your snoring will diminish in intensity or it will even disappear.

6.Take action Buy anti-snoring pills and use anti-snoring nasal spray.

Snoring is indeed a very disturbing affection, but you should not let yourself dragged down by it. There are a lot of methods that have proven their efficiency in stopping snoring and I am sure that you can find one that will suit your case and will help your life get better.




  1. Good to see some options for snorers that they can use that don’t cost money, and will improve their health in general. I found that losing weight and sleeping on my side greatly reduced my snoring. I don’t drink alcohol all that often but when I do, it makes me snore louder. My wife has had to sleep in another room once or twice because of this. So while I still snore from time to time I have greatly reduced how much and how loud I snore.

  2. I’ll be sure to pass this along to my wife…discreetly. Thanks. haha

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