6 mistakes that make you age premature

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Everybody wants to look great and maintain a young, healthy aspect of their skin for as long as they can. A lot of these people go for plastic surgery and pay a lot of money to keep on looking young. If you are not a fan of esthetic surgery or you don’t afford to go to a surgeon for a rejuvenation surgery, than you should know there are a few mistakes you must avoid doing and you will prolong your beauty for more years than you would have ever expected.

1. Give up smoking. Smoking has ravishing effects upon the skin’s beauty. Premature wrinkles, an unhealthy color of the skin and its dehydration are only a few damages that smoking causes, not to mention about cancer.

2. Do not expose yourself too much in the sun. The sun can be damaging for the skin if you stay too long for tanning. The unpleasant effects of tanning are not visible during the first years of lying in the sun. Wrinkles caused by excessive tanning appear only when it is too late to do something about them. Also, skin cancer is more and more frequent between young people and this is caused too by the devastating effects of the sun.

3. Sleep more. It has been proven that those who sleep more have a healthier aspect of the skin, are kept safe from obesity and diabetes and are even more cheerful and optimistic, just like teenagers are. So, try to sleep for at least 8 hours a night and you will assure a few more years of beauty for your skin.

4. Eat less sugar. Studies have shown that eating too much sugar and sweet products that are based on sugar can lead to serious heart conditions and obesity. Try to replace this addictive aliment with fruits and fresh vegetables.

5. The polluted air. Pollution can cause asthma, can trigger a certain sensibility to allergies and can make your skin loose its elasticity in time. Unfortunately, you can’t do much about this problem as you can’t just leave your job, sell your house and move to a cleaner city.

6. Watch your diet. Keep a balance between the healthy foods you eat and the unhealthy ones like saturated fats. I know it is not easy to remove the bad aliments entirely from the diet, but you should keep in mind that you can always replace some of those saturated fats with sea food, olive oil, avocado and coconut. Drink plenty of water daily so that they maintain your body hydrated and your skin young. Keep away from too much alcohol and replace pure alcohol with small quantities of red wine. This will keep your heart and blood vessels going on the right track.



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