6 Natural Home remedies and cures for Asthma

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Asthma – a chronic disease, which is based on permanent non-infective inflammatory process in the airways. There are external and internal factors which triggers it. One of the most common external factors is allergy to dust. The internal factors include defects in the immune or endocrine systems; violation of the sensitivity and bronchial reactivity, which may be hereditary in nature.

Symptoms of asthma

The characteristic manifestations of asthma are attacks of breathlessness, shortness of breath with difficulty in breath, cough with phlegm easily detached. Sometimes the body temperature rises, reflecting increased activity of bronchopulmonary infection.

6 top Natural Home remedies for asthma

  1. Prepare a balm of 250g of aloe, 0.5 – l cup of wine, and 350 g  honey. First, cut off the Aloe Vera leaves from a plant which has not been watered for 2 weeks. Cut the leaves and wipe off the dust (do not wash!). Cut and put the sap in a glass jar, pour wine and honey.  Mix well and keep for 9 days in a cool place, then drain and squeeze. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day for first 2 days.
  2. Wash and peel 400g ginger root, grind it and then put into a bottle and pour alcohol in it. Keep in the warmth of sunlight for 14 days and shake the bottle periodically. Drink it small portions 2 times daily after meals.
  3. An effective bactericide and emollients in the treatment of bronchial asthma is garlic oil. For its preparation grind the garlic, mix it with salt and butter. For 100g of oil take 5 large cloves of garlic, add salt to taste.
  4. In 250g ground coffee pour 0.5 kg of honey and mix thoroughly. Eat small portions before eating meals. Prepared mixture is to be consumed for 20 days. If you feel better after 20 days, the treatment can be repeated for another 2 months.
  5. When the patient suffers from asthma attacks, it helps in massaging the upper part of the body – from head down to his chest. You can massage with the use of talcum powder or any oily cream.
  6. Take 2 heads of garlic and 5 lemons. Grind it and pour it in boiled water. Preserve for 5 days, then strain and squeeze. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day for 20 minutes before eating meals.



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