6 recommendations for a good day

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No matter how difficult or challenging a day might be, experts believe that there are many ways that a person can have good health and be more relaxed, following some general base rules.

Some of these recommendations are handy, requires very little time, will become part of your daily routine, will greatly improve your lifestyle without too much effort.


1. Overview
2. Enjoy breakfast every day
3. Enjoy coffee
4. Drink plenty of water
5. Make a list of things “not to do”
6. Relax a few minutes
7. Listen the answer of the person you ask: How are you?

Enjoy breakfast every day

There is a statement made for consistency. When a person knows exactly what and when going to eat, the stress level will be lower, even in a more difficult morning.

Advisable would be to serve healthy foods like scrambled eggs with vegetables, oatmeal with seeds and nuts, Greek yogurt and muesli and fruit. The day will begin with safety, from early morning with energy.

Enjoy coffee

How long did it took to drink a cappuccino or a coffee? Especially in the morning, coffee is drunk in a hurry, in a very short time, but we recommend enjoying coffee as part of a ritual to take full advantage of everything that can give a cup of coffee. Focus on it, smell it and taste the flavor. You will notice that this could be a great and relaxing exercise, a great way to start the day.

Drink plenty of water

After drinking coffee in the morning, throughout the day, you have to drink enough water. To be able to touch the daily liquidity needs, it is recommended to keep on your desk at hand a glass of water to drink constantly and in addition, during every movement from the office to take the cup and refill it.

When a person is hydrated, his mind will be alert and hunger can be managed. It is advisable to drink 2 liters of fluid per day, whether it is water or tea.

Make a list of things “not to do”

Most people make up their lists of things they have to do. However, it would be advisable to make a list of what is not worth doing. Note what you are not willing to make, emails that do not want to answer any you plan not to make that day.

Relax a few minutes

Whatever activities you have to carried out, it is possible that most of your thoughts to be negative, being a stressful factor.

To relieve, you must disconnect. It should not be a very complicated process: listening to music a few minutes, playing online games or just sit in front of the TV.

Listen the answer of the person you ask: How are you?

Many people do not take into account what others feel. Often the question “How are you?” accompanied by warmth and compassion can lift your mood and the mood of the other person.

Equally important is to pay attention to words or expressions that accompany the answer to this simple question, to discover if there is something wrong with your discussion partners. When applicable, please ask for details and if you can, help the person who is in a deadlock. You will have a much better mood.



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