6 Tips on how to treat conjunctivitis

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Conjunctivitis (pink eye or red eye), the redness of the white area that surrounds your iris and pupils can be quite a problem sometimes. Our sight is one of our most precious gifts that we get borne with. Not being able to see well due to itching, burnings and pains of our eyes is quite troubling. Conjunctivitis gives all these symptoms and even though it does not threaten us with loosing our sight it is bothering to the patient in cause.

Here are a few things you can do before you call the doctor:

Red Eye

Red Eye

1. You can try to remove the redness in your eyes by applying 2-3 times a day a bandage with warm water on your closed eyes. You must leave it there for 10 minutes.

2. Sometimes conjunctivitis is caused only by dust, smog and not by bacterium. In this case conjunctivitis might heal by itself and all you have to do it give your eyes a hand. Watch out that your eyes remain clean by removing any impurities that might gather in that area. You can do this with a small cotton tampon and boiled and cooled down water.

3. Use synthetic tears. You can find them in a drug store and they will definitely relief some of your symptoms.

4. Do not reuse towels that have got in close contact with your eyes. If conjunctivitis is caused by bacterium then you can easily spread the infection to other family members too. Wash your face as you normally do and then dry it up with paper tissues that you only use once. It is safer this way.

5. Keep away from pools. As you know the water from inside the pools is treated with chemicals, mostly with chlorine which is quite aggressive on the eyes. It is best that you wear swimming eye-glasses when swimming in the pool as they will protect your eyes from getting in contact with the water.

6. Go to the doctor. You can not know if your conjunctivitis is caused by allergies, dust or by bacteria. Only the doctor can set you up with the best treatment for your situation and advise you what to do next.



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