7 Awesome tips to control and cure Constipation

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Constipation is a common ailment which refers to decrease in weight or volume of bowel, incomplete evacuation or infrequent bowel movements. It can also lead to dry and hard bowel movements. There are several reasons for this problem which can include low consumption of fluids, fiber, irregularity in meals, weakened abdominal muscles and other problems such as tumors, colitis, diabetes and hyperacidity.

There are several cures and control measures which can be used to relieve oneself from constipation and among them Seven best tips include:

  1. The first control measure is the easiest and the most beneficial. This involves drinking around six to nine glasses of water daily as this much amount helps in dissolving all the nutrients which further improve the digestive actions.
  2. Another constipation control tip involves eating black gram powder with wheat bread. The husk of the gram should also be included in the mixture.
  3. Before going to sleep, the sufferer should consume at least two spoons of black strap molasses. These contain a lot of calories and ensure good bowel movement in the morning. However, it does have strong taste and should be mixed with juice or milk while drinking.
  4. Good digestive system leads in good bowel movements. Hence, it is best to go for a few km walk after dinner.
  5. Another measure for curing constipation involves consuming cabbage juice. Half cup cabbage juice should be extracted and then consumed twice a day. Another constipation reliever is mango/mango juice.
  6. Another cure involves putting ten grapes (w/o seeds) in milk and then boiling it. The grapes should be consumed separately from the milk. This works best when it is taken at night.
  7. Another constipation control measure involves dipping few grams of Spiegel seeds in a cup of boiled milk. This drink (sugar can be added according to taste) should be consumed every night before going to sleep.
  8. If the constipation turns chronic, then it can be relieved by consuming figs dipped in water after waking up. Another remedy involves consuming dates along with milk.
  9. Drinking water from a copper vessel can help in relieving constipation. The water should be kept overnight and then drunk in the morning on empty stomach.



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