7 foods that may be misleading

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Do you really know what contain the olive oil or your favorite coffee? Olive oil is made from olives, while coffee is obtained from coffee beans, you could reply.

Experts refute this. Many of the foods we eat every day contain ingredients that should not exist in their composition.

In order to reduce costs, companies reduces the amount the main ingredients and add some less expensive. Here are 7 of food whose composition is frequently changed.


1. Overview
2. Olive oil
3. Milk
4. Honey
5. Saffron
6. Orange juice
7. Coffee
8. Apple juice

Olive oil

It isn’t very easy to find an oil as healthy as olive oil. In its extra virgin variant, olive oil helps lower cholesterol, improve gastric function and gives glow to your skin.

Researchers found that olive oil is most often forged, usually in its composition adding peanut oil (not shown especially for people allergic to peanuts).

Other substances that have no place in the olive oil bottle could be corn oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, vegetable oil, soybean oil, palm oil and coconut oil.


If you think milk from your coffee comes from a cow, you are wrong. It seems that sources of box milk are different: sheep milk is added to the box with bovine milk and buffalo milk in the goat milk.

Milk is often made from reconstituted milk powder, urea and clot. In some cases, worse, to detect the presence of milk consists of fat, urea, detergent, caustic soda, sugar, salt and milk powder.


Honey is one of the foods consumed for its healing properties due to antioxidants in its composition and its delicious taste, but it is often adulterated and may contain sugar syrup, corn syrup, fructose, glucose, fructose corn syrup and sugar beet.


Saffron is one of the most expensive foods in the world, so his place in such a list shouldn’t be too surprising. Surprising could be things that are sometimes mixed with saffron.

Inside the bottle with that astronomical price tag which says that it contains only saffron, scientists have discovered glycerine, sandalwood powder, yellow dye that causes hyperactivity in children and lupus, barium sulfate and borax.

Orange juice

Orange juice is no stranger to the downright outrageous distortions that could negatively influence the buyer’s decision.

In its composition was confirmed that there are lemon juice, tangerine juice, grapefruit juice, fructose corn syrup, paprika extract and sugar beet.


Did you know that your morning coffee might include sticks and branches smashed? Believe it or not, researchers have found these in coffee, along with roasted corn, roasted and ground barley, grain, chicory, caramel, starch and figs.

Apple juice

Even apple juice ingredients may be present or allowed as specified on the label grape juice, corn syrup, pear juice, pineapple juice, raisins, fig juice, fructose, malic acid. Even if in these conditions the taste is acceptable, composition isn’t too healthy.



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