7 mistakes that can affect health

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A solid health condition requires involvement, considering that is not a phenomenon that occurs overnight and requires continuous development of a project that involves every part of the human being.

No one can be perfect, but it is important to understand the most frequently encountered problems which adversely affects overall health.


1. Overview
2. Falling asleep at late hours
3. Excessive consumption of caffeine
4. Lack of physical inactivity in the morning
5. Drinking alcohol
6. Dinner taken at late hours
7. Lack of healthy food

Falling asleep at late hours

Insufficient sleep is probably one of the most pressing health problems facing society, because it directly affects almost every part of our lives.

Insufficient sleep can lead to the desire to excessively consume foods that do not normally serve. When a person is sleeping, will not take into account certain dietary restrictions, could consume excessive caffeine (which it can cause anxiety) and will feel the need to eat sweet foods.

All these situations have repercussions on the health of everyone. If you want to maintain an optimal state of health, one of the first things you do is go to bed at 22 and waking up at 6 am.

Excessive consumption of caffeine

Insufficient sleep can be the basis of excessive consumption of caffeine. This can cause anxiety but also other problems such as dehydration, lethargy and weight gain.

Blood sugar fluctuations that cause high levels of caffeine contribute to overgrowth of food cravings in general, coffee consumption is accompanied by the various desserts (a donut or croissant).

Lack of physical inactivity in the morning

Physical activity took place in the early hours of the morning is beneficial for the body. For many people the sport in the morning is difficult, but it might be a better alternative than attending the gym after a long day of work, in the hours of the afternoon.

Regardless of the program, should do between 30-60 minutes training daily. Choose an activity you like and persevere.

Drinking alcohol

If you drink too much alcohol, you make the body a disservice. Try to minimize the amount of alcohol (one drink a day for women and two for men). Control the volume of alcohol and drink water between alcoholic drinks and cocktails.

When you have small breaks, use them to make trips with friends to watch a movie or doing other activities where not drink alcohol.

Dinner taken at late hours

When taking meals too late, most of the digestion will take place during sleep, which means that sleep will be disturbed, and you can wake up drowsy the next day, because during the night your metabolism is slower.

Give your body the opportunity to enjoy a light dinner at least two hours before bedtime.

Lack of healthy food

Each meal should be accompanied by 2-3 servings of fruits and vegetables (more vegetables than fruit). It would be ideal to eat 9 servings of fruits and vegetables varied daily.

These are very important for your overall health status, as every food that has one of the colors of the rainbow plays an important role for the welfare of the body. Fruits and vegetables help in installing state of satiety and support digestive system function.



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