8 acne causes that you might not know about

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Not all people can handle acne very well. Even though they have passed through puberty long ago, and they are constantly using face washing gels, tonic lotions and creams especially designed for oily skin types, they still suffer of acne. Here are some reasons why acne might still be affecting adult people and some ways of getting better:Acne

1. Cell phones. It seems that mobile phones are not as clean as we thought because makeup products, impurities and germs seem to gather on the surface of these useful and loved objects and end up on affecting the skin. As a lot of people do not clean their mobile phones very often (and some never do that unfortunately), there is no wonder acne appears on the cheek areas and nothing can heal it for good.

2. Bangs. I know this is the latest fashion, but nobody tells you that if you get yourself a bang you might get some acne developed soon too. The reason why acne appears on the skin that is covered by bangs is that the sebum and the impurities (dust and hairstyle products) are permanently in contact with the skin and do not let it breathe properly. So, if you know you have a sensitive skin type that is opened to acne you should try keeping your hair from getting too much into contact with your face.

3. Pillow covers. Dermatologists recommend that all objects who can get in tough with your face should be cleaned often and thoroughly. Pillow covers are some of the objects that can hold up germs and sebum and then clog up your skin pores leading to an outburst of acne. It’s not a hard thing to wash and replace your pillow cover every two or three days, for at least you will be sure you keep your face skin healthy and pretty.

4. Too much hygiene. Washing your face too often in the hope that your pimples will go away will only make things worse. Skin has its own way of reacting to irritating factors and too much washing can lead to an increase of the sebum secretion. So, instead of making your skin less oily you just end up aggressing it, making it look worse than before.

5. Stress. I’m sure that you have noticed in your busy stressful days at school or at work how your skin tends to get a very oily aspect, it looks tired and more pimples seem to appear during those days than ever.

6. Dirty hands on the face. Well, I’m sure you would not place your hands on your face if you would notice they were dirty. I am talking here about hands that might look clean to you, but they sure are not for they can have a lot of germs and dust on their surface even if you washed them one hour ago. So, in order to make sure you are not the one who is causing the acne just by a simple touch, try to keep your hands busy with something else, a pen or any other object instead of your skin.

7. Pimple squeezing. Even though squeezing a pimple might make you think it will heal faster, the truth is that you risk spreading your infection to other healthy skin areas, and you also risk developing scars that will last a long time after your acne is gone.

8. Make-up brushes and sponges. These also need to be washed from time to time with soap and warm water too as they are perfect homes for bacteria and impurities. Also, remember to let your skin breathe at least one day a week for rejuvenation.




  1. I had such horrible acne growing up. I’m glad to know that there are people out there who have had the same problems with acne and are constantly finding solutions to the cure of it. Even though I know there isn’t a cure yet, whoever finds it will be incredibly wealthy. Thanks for this great article!

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