8 tips to be in shape in the morning

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Start the day with a vengeance

What you do in the first hour after you reach out of bed can help you look and feel better for the rest of the day. The correct movements and necessary foods will help you be more resilient, positive and stay focused on the tasks of the day.

In addition, your metabolism will be stimulated and you will be able to burn more calories. Latest research in the field, specify that morning routine influence your general condition throughout the day.


1. Start the day with a vengeance
2. Increase your energy level with color’s help
3. Wake up and look at roses
4. Do not delay awakening
5. Imagine how it will run all day
6. Drink fluids for energy
7. Let the sun enter your room
8. Facial massage

Increase your energy level with color’s help

If you see a brighter, vibrant shade when you open your eyes, your adrenaline will increase sharply raising the energy levels, will help to wake up and have an enviable tone.

Buy red, yellow, orange or fuchsia bed sheets or dressed in clothes that have these shades. You can even use this visual stimulation breakfast (and nutritious) by drinking a glass of pomegranate juice or cranberry rich in antioxidants.

Wake up and look at roses

Studies have confirmed that when a woman wakes up, if she sees a bouquet of roses, this will improve his state of mind and will boost her energy throughout the day.

Do not delay awakening

When you take a morning nap, your brain knows that it can rest only a few minutes so there will not be a deep, restful sleep. This means that you will be more tired than if you had raised the first time.

A better strategy would be to set the alarm for when you really need to wake up. Extra sleep, uninterrupted will help you be more rested when you get up from bed.

Imagine how it will go all day

How did you wake up, close your eyes and imagine yourself alert and energetic. In this way, you will stimulate the brain parts that will be used when you experience what you think. Thinking positively about yourself will give you energy for the day.

Drink liquids for energy

Drink a glass of water as soon after waking. This is a good way to restore the body to lose fluids overnight and give you instant energy. Everything that happens in your body needs water.

Without enough water, the body systems must work harder, which will cause fatigue. Start drinking fluids as early and work up to a total of 11 cups at the end of the day to be hydrated.

Let the sun enter your room

Sunlight will help you get up. Read the morning newspaper pull in sunlight or go outdoors a few minutes while you enjoy coffee.

Daylight signals the clock to stop the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that encourages sleep and promotes wakefulness. It also increases levels of serotonin, a chemical that boosts mood.

If it’s a cloudy day or dark when you wake up, turn on a yellow light similar to sunlight to trigger the awakening of neurons.

Facial massage

Facial massage stimulates blood circulation in your face, is a sure way to awaken. Start at the forehead, chin and gently lower to the fingertips, varying intensity, speed and location. These movements will quickly provide a healthy glow.



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