8 ways to maintain the air cleaner in a house

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1. Overview

Even if a person is healthy or suffering from chronic obstructive disease, chronic bronchitis, emphysema or other lung diseases, it is important to avoid respiratory irritants.

For this purpose, there are several ways you can keep the air cleaner inside your home.


1. Overview
2. Steps to maintain the air cleaner in a house

2. Steps to maintain the air cleaner in a house

1. Replacing wood fireplaces – although romantic and charming, they will produce particles that can get into lungs and breathing will be more difficult. Wood used for fireplaces emanates soot and carbon and these may aggravate some existing breathing or lung disease.

2. Avoid cigarette smoke – Smoking is responsible for approximately 85% of cases of COPD. Those already diagnosed with lung disease should avoid secondhand smoke because even in this situation lung disease will progress rapidly. It is no secret that quitting the habit is very difficult. Therefore, if it is necessary, you will require professional help.

3. Removing dust mites – dust mites penetrate mattresses and bedding. They are a trigger condition for asthma and worsen the condition of those suffering from lung diseases.

Therefore, they have to be minimal in a home. Experts recommend the use of special mattresses and pillows, being given the goose feather. Linen will be washed with hot water (above 90 degrees Celsius) at least once a week.

4. Use unscented products – strong-smelling cleaning products used to remove dust and allergens can be irritating to the lungs. Even the mere presence in a house cleaned with these products could be a problem; even wearing a mask is not enough! This means that using vinegar or classic soap could be healthier.

Should be avoided even hair spray, perfumes, adhesives, paints and air freshening products that have strong smells. Moreover, if the air freshener is desired, will ventilate and clean the room; do not mask odors!

5. Need for air filtration – air filters can reduce the amount of fine particles that irritate the lungs. It is recommended that the ventilation system to dispose of a filter to be changed and cleaned constantly.

6. Closed windows – Ozone and other forms of air pollution, such as airborne allergens and dust can affect the lungs. This can be especially annoying during the allergy season or if they live in an area prone to dust accumulation. As such, when the air is too polluted, you will shut the windows.

7. Removing mold and spores – good ventilation systems in the bedroom and bathroom can prevent mold and spores that can cause lung problems. Level of humidity inside a house will not exceed 40%. To do this you can use including a dehumidifier.

8. Checking stove – As with fireplaces, wood-burning stove can cause problems if not completely closed and equipped with a good ventilation system. The house can stay warm and comfortable all winter if you will be using radiant heaters or central heating. Even the gas stove can be problematic for those with serious lung problems.



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