9 reasons to eat more sweet potatoes

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Sweet potato is a tuberous root, representing one of the most popular foods worldwide. Sweet potatoes, native to Central America, are considered a basic food in many countries.

Potato flavor can be modified if they are stored in the refrigerator. It should be good for consumption if they are kept in a cool, dark and well ventilated space. If storage space temperature is too high (over 15 degrees C), the potatoes will germinate sooner or will get a woody texture.

Once cooked, sweet potatoes can be stored in refrigerator up to a week. Like any other potatoes, sweet potatoes are always eaten cooked, but their sweet taste makes most appreciated. Can be used in a wide variety of dishes and are tasty if seasoned with oregano, cinnamon, honey, lime, ginger, nutmeg and coconut.

Enjoy these potatoes that can be cooked in various ways: pastries, puddings, smoothies, casseroles, stews or croquettes.


1. Overview
2. Why should you eat sweet potatoes

Why you should eat sweet potatoes

Here are some reasons why you should eat large quantities of sweet potatoes:

1. Sweet potatoes are rich in antioxidants, which act in the body by preventing inflammatory problems such as asthma, arthritis, gout and many other conditions.

2. Are an excellent source of carbohydrates for those with blood sugar disorders. This food can help regulate blood sugar levels and can prevent conditions such as insulin resistance.

3. Sweet potatoes are healthy for your digestive tract. Being rich in digestion fiber, especially when eaten with the skin, help relieve constipation and prevent colon cancer.

4. Sweet potatoes are indicated for pregnant women or those who wish to become pregnant because they are rich in folic acid, essential for healthy development of the fetal cells and tissues.

5. This vegetable is full of vitamins and other important nutrients that can boost immunity and support the body’s needs.

6. Sweet potatoes are indicated for prevention of heart disease. High in potassium, sweet potatoes help prevent triggering a heart attack or stroke. Potassium helps maintain fluid and electrolyte balance in the body, issues important to stabilize blood pressure and heart function regulation.

7. This vegetable is good for alleviating cramps. Deficiencies of potassium can cause muscle cramps and muscle damage. By adding the sweet potatoes in your daily diet (along with proper exercise), you can expect a boost of energy and fewer injuries or cramps.

8. Sweet potato is indicated to treat symptoms of stress. The body tends to use very much potassium and other minerals when under stress. Sweet potatoes supply the body with important minerals to keep in balance during periods of high stress.

9. Sweet potatoes are first in a ranking of nutritional vegetables because they are a source of fiber, natural sugars, complex carbohydrates, protein, carotenoids, vitamin C, iron and calcium.



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