A brief note on Diabetes Mellitus

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The most common form of diabetes is known as Diabetes Mellitus that is also referred to sugar diabetes. The term diabetes has been derived from the Greek word meaning ‘to go through’ as frequent urination is a major symptom associated with this disease. The term ‘mellitus’ has been derived from the Greek word meaning ‘honey’.

It is also used in order to refer to glucose of sugar lost in urine. Diabetes Mellitus is a disorder of the body’s means of utilizing glucose. This is simple sugar that forms the basic fuel that energizes the cells.
Before the food that we eat is converted into muscles and other tissues, it is converted into glucose. Then the glucose must enter the individual cells , where it is metabolized or burned in order to provide energy for cell functions. The hormone insulin, that is produced by the pancreas in the human body, is essential for the process as it ushers in the glucose into the cells, There are two basic types of diabetes mellitus and these are known as type 1 and type 2.

In type 1 diabetes mellitus, the symptoms are evident in childhood or infancy and this is also known as juvenile diabetes. In type 1 diabetes the individual requires supplemental insulin and this type of diabetes is also known as insulin dependent type 1 diabetes Mellitus or IDDM. In type 2 diabetes refers to the inability of the body to use insulin effectively. It is also known as Non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. The type of diabetes differs in various ways. In fact according to medical sources the type types of diabetes are considered to be tow spate entities. Learning about the role of the insulin hormone in the body. aids in understanding the human body functions in the absence of the hormone- insulin.



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