A diet rich in fat puts postmenopausal women at risk of stroke

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A new research has showed that there is an enhanced risk of ischemic stroke in women going through postmenopausal phase, if they consume a diet rich in fats which are commonly found in fried foods, baked food and packaged foods. Ischemic stroke is a consequence of blockage which results in artery that leads to the brain. Earlier research reports recommend that enhanced incidence of such cardiovascular disease which is one of the most important risk factor for heart stroke is linked with consumption of Trans fats. Whereas in other previous studies there was no noticeable association found amid the stroke and the dietary fat consumption.

In a large research, researchers analyzed the stroke in postmenopausal women till date. They analyzed 87,025 women of the age group 50-79 and who generally had good health. During the enrolment, these participants were asked to fill a questionnaire which was about self-administered food frequency. They were asked to assess their diet after 3 years. The questionnaire asked them about the frequency of the consumption and portion size of 122 foods during their 3 month time period and also questioned them about the fat consumption from dairy, meat, reduced fat items and cooking.

The researchers found that there was no noticeable association amid the total fat, dietary cholesterol or any other kind of fat. The use of Aspirin showed reduction in the link between the stroke and the Trans fat consumption. After making adjustments for lifestyle, clinical and dietary factors, the findings revealed that the Trans fat consumption was linked to elevated risk of lacunar infarction. The results confirmed that the women going through the post menopausal phase and those who consumed diet rich in Trans fat had a higher threat of ischemic stroke but if they used aspirin, the adverse effects can be reduced.



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