A Great Need to Win the Battle against HIV Infection, Says Obama

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Recently, many issues arise regarding the presenting health issue which is HIV infection. The general public, health care professionals and government states have been alarmed by the dramatic increase in the numbers of HIV incidences reported which seems to be very high. And this problem is still growing at large.

According to various health-oriented groups which advocates fight against HIV/AIDS, extensive information drives and approaches must be further in order to reach the grass root levels and make them knowledgeable about measures and strategies in order to prevent the spread of the disease. Treatment of the said disease must also have easy access among those individuals who are affected by the disease in order for them to slow down the disease process and prolong their life. However, this measure entails strong financial support to realize and achieve the goal of winning the battle against HIV.

This Thursday, United States President Barack Obama expressed the need to fight against HIV infection in order to win the battle. The US president have launched about 50 million dollars as a working fund in order to help those individuals who are suffering from the disease to afford the necessary treatment needed to slow down the disease process, also some of the fund will be used for campaigns and information drives to make the public aware and wary about the presenting health problem. In addition, extensive measures and strategies were also formulated to help treat those individuals with HIV abroad.

United States President Barack Obama said in an event which marks the World AIDS Day that there are already many lives that have been saved from HIV infection, and it is now time to finish the battle.

The current problem does not only encapsulates dilemma regarding the disease itself which is has been infecting numerous number of individuals in United States. The fight against HIV/AIDS also involves the constant fight against poverty and financial struggles especially among those individuals who are not well-off with enough financial blessings. Financial support from the donations of many rich states has been declining for the past years because of the global financial problem that the world has faced. This forced many nations to actually cut off their donations to many developing countries with HIV patients; hence, this actually endangered the life of the HIV patients and the general public.




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