A Healthy Flight for Regular Flyers

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Busy people on their busy and hectic schedules are always on the go. Meetings here and there that make it inevitable to have frequent flights any time of the day. Together with these people are their suitcases, hopping to cities and spends times in the air. But no matter how busy a person could get, health still is a no-no to be forgotten. Good health is everyone’s investment in any career so it is just a must to have it nicely intact, especially for the frequent flyers.

A nutritious meal is a key for a healthy body. Recurrent flyers should always eat healthy. When in a high altitude, the digestive system works in a slower pace and the food in the stomach expands at the same time. So, it is advisable to eat a high in calories diet to fight against the imbalance. It is healthier to have a pre-meal at home consisting of wise food choices. Combination of the main food groups are highly recommended for balance diet. It will give every traveler their needed energy.

One of the non-energy giving foods is water. It plays a very essential role in our body. Aside from cleansing the digestive tract, it also helps the other systems to function normally. Water carries nutrients in our circulation and keeps the body hydrated. Travelling plus a busy schedule may let one forget of drinking the recommended amount of water intake. If possible, always have ready-to-drink water in suitcase that one has or even set a reminder so that drinking will never be neglected.

Being in a flight, seats should be comfortable to avoid stress and back pain. Most of plane seats are not ergonomic or comfortable enough. It is a must to remember that having a good seating posture will help to maintain body’s proper alignment. Always making sure that the back as well as neck is straight will add up in avoiding back and neck pain. In case that the seat doesn’t have lumbar support, a small pillow will help to ease and support the back.

At high altitudes, alcohol effects in a more intense way compared in the ground level. Since alcohol has a dehydrating effect on the body, as well as high altitude, combining the two will not lead to any better. So if there is a scheduled flight, it will be helpful not to drink alcohol on or during flights; unless otherwise, you’re planning to be dehydrated.

Lastly, an adequate sleep is another factor to have a good travel. It will not just relax the mind and remove stress but also caters enough energy for the scheduled activities.




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