A New App For Monitoring Health

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Investigators in New Zealand have created a monitoring medical device which is prototype Bluetooth-enabled which can be attached wirelessly to the smart phone to keep record of numerous physiological parameters like the heart rate, body temperature, movements and blood pressure. The prototype can be extended to encompass sensors for other factors like markers and blood glucose for particular diseases. The association shall allow the individuals to send data straightly to their provider of healthcare and receive on time suggestion and medical advices. Writing in an International Journal, Tim Roberts and Helen Zhou from the School of Electrical Engineering give details as to how they have created a microcontroller based individual health analyzing unit which can carry the medical sensors along with a positioning device.

Working of the Device:

The unit can be linked to other devices through the short range WiFi networking system which is popularly called the Bluetooth and so can be easily attached to the software on a smart mobile phone for monitoring the health of the individuals. The group of researchers further adds that the mobile phone can also be used as a gateway to additional relay individual health data to a database which is remote through the network of mobile for remote detection. Any of the medical regulations could be sent back spontaneously to the users of mobile, mentioned the group.

The application of the principle development tools makes it happen for the individuals to simple apply regularly mobile devices for their individual health observation and evaluation anytime anywhere. They also add that the mobile networks and Bluetooth enables the wireless interactions among the mobile users, the health care and medical professionals in a simple, effectual and secure manner. The device software is depended on the acknowledged cross platform system of Java.



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