A New Disinfection Technique Can Change Significantly Hospital Room Cleaning

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The hospital environment is one of the most important factors that can help patients recover fast and smoothly. Moreover, various disinfection techniques are currently being employed to maintain the quality of service a hospital should offer.  A new disinfection system was developed by a Queen’s University infectious disease expert. This break through may transform the way hospital rooms are being cleaned, globally; also, it can stop the outbreaks of bed bugs in hotels and apartments.

According to the Quinte Health Care’s new Chief of Staff Dick Zoutman, better cleaning methods can be prevented if better cleaning methods are applied. He further added that more than 100,000 people in North America die each year because of hospital-acquired infections at a cost of $ 30 billion. He also believes that this new disinfection approach is heading towards the future.

Furthermore, this disinfection technology was utilized by Dr. Zoutman in killing bed bugs. Due to the expected economic benefits, like saving millions of dollars in infected furniture and lost revenue, an established U.S. hotel chain already expressed its interest in the system.

Moreover, Dr. Zoutman and Dr. Michael Shannon of Medizone International worked hand in hand at the laboratories in Innovation Park, Queen’s University. Medizone commercializes the technology; the first of the deliveries have been set for the first quarter of 2012. Furthermore, the novel technology is highly effective in killing bacteria, since includes pumping a Medizone (a specific ozone and hydrogen peroxide vapor gas mixture into a room so that everything will be sterilized, like the floor, walls, mattresses, chairs, drapes and the like).

Dr. Zoutman compared the system to Mother Nature that wipes out the bacteria in humans.  He emphasized that this technology is working well for us, as it works well for Mother Nature. A new highly reactive compound, that is very lethal to bacteria, viruses and mold, is produced when an antibody attacks a germ. The compound emanates from the ozone and a very little amount of hydrogen peroxide which are generated.

Although other disinfection technologies involving gas pumping into a room, Medizone is still better since it is solely the one which sterilizes and surgical instrument cleaning. The disinfection process, which takes less than 1 hour, is much faster compared with other methods. Also, it does not affect the medical equipment in the room and has pleasant smell.

Furthermore, Dr. Zoutman stated that Medizone technology could be useful in food preparation areas and processing plants after listeria outbreaks for example. It can also be utilized in disinfecting cruise ships after an outbreak of infection.




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