Advantages of Anti-depressants

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Besides present discussion on how well the antidepressants actually work in individuals with only moderate or mild depression, a novel Meta analysis recommends they might have certain benefits across the board. The investigators discovered that more patients who take antidepressants had a remarkable progress in their symptoms than those patients who were given placebo, irrespective of the baseline symptoms severity.  The lead author of the study says that “the idea until you are very ill, you will not gain any benefit from this treatment”. Still not everyone in this research improved – the figure required to cure was slightly above 5 and the advantages appeared to be diminishing amongst the older patients.

For the analysis, the researchers studied the results of the study for every individual patient in the printed and unprinted trials testing the impact of 6 weeks of treatment with the antidepressants against the Placebo pills. Many of the trials were financed and conducted by the pharmaceutical companies which produce Efferox and Prozac. They encompassed 12 studies of Prozac in various individuals and 4 each in elderly patients as well as youths. Around 9000 individuals were included. More kids and adults taking Prozac had minimum 50% improvement in scores on stress tests following 6 weeks when evaluated against Placebo.

The conclusions report that 55% of the adults who took Prozac reacted to the treatment when compared to 34% adults who took placebo. In young people, 30% who took Prozac had remarkable symptom progress when compared to only 6% of controls.

If 5 or more individuals require to be cured with an antidepressant for one to remarkably improve, most of the individuals do not get much of it. More than 80% of the individuals are not getting advantage from the medicine Placebo. This report was published online in a periodical.




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