After ban in smoking asmtha cases in children dropped

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Asthma is the inflammation of the airways, by narrowing them, thus less air is passing from the lungs and to the lungs. Some of its symptoms include difficult breathing, coughing and wheezing.
In 2006, in Scotland, a smoking ban in enclosed places was implemented. Since then every year the number of asthma hospital admissions for children decreased by 5.2% each year.

At first, this study wasn’t accepted by the critics who insisted that by not allowing smoking in enclosed environments, this would push parents to further smoke in their homes.

Fortunately the result was different from what the critics feared most, because many people understood that, not to smoke was best for them and their families also, so they joined this initiative voluntarily, by also not smoking in their homes.

Since 2006 the reductions in the number of people admitted for asthma in hospitals reduced 18.4 % for preschool children and 20.8 % school age children.

The authors concluded:
In Scotland, passage of smoke-free legislation in 2006 was associated with a subsequent reduction in the rate of respiratory disease in populations other than those with occupational exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.




  1. Asthma can be pretty scary. More than a simple cough or cold, asthma inflames the airways. As the bronchila tubes swell, a baby has greater difficulty breathing. Without immediate medical attention, a baby with asthma can perish. so please do not smoke

  2. Smoking is injurious to health so please dont smoke and yes it also led to swallow of lungs….which makes breathing uneasy.

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