Age skin spots and their solution

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The medical term for these skin spots is lentigo, but people often refer to them as age spots or liver spots. Dermatologists say that these skin spots are not caused by the advanced age itself but they are actually large, smooth freckles that usually become visible due to the sunlight’s influence upon them. So, you might wonder why do they call them age spots after all? The answer is that these spots occur most often due to a lot of sun exposure during lifetime and they will become visible on the skin only with aging. The thing is that age spots can appear at a 30 or 40 year old person too if this person has exposed itself to sun excessively until reaching this age.

Age skin spots are round areas of a brownish color appearing especially on the back of the hands, on the shoulders, on the neck and even on the face.

age_skin_spotsIn order to prevent getting age spots you should consider using a sunscreen every time you go outdoors. Even if you already have age spots you still can help preventing their color from getting more intense if you apply sunscreen on them. Not to mention that you prevent skin cancer too by using such creams and lotions. The sunscreen you will be applying should have a high screen protection factor, of at least 15.

Another thing you can do in order to limit age spots from appearing on your face and neck skin would be wearing a cotton hat with a large brim every time you go to the beach or for a walk in the city. I know this solution might not be to fancy but at least you will minimize the odds of getting even more age skin spots. Baseball hats are good, but not good enough as they only protect your forehead skin and leave your ears, neck, and half of your face exposed to the intense sunlight.

Try to avoid sunlight especially if you have a light skin. It is best to do your groceries and any other business you might have in the morning or late in the evening when the sun is not strong enough to burn your skin. If going to the beach take an umbrella with you and use it when the sun gets to strong.

If you have age spots that bother you and affect your self esteem then you should try bleaching creams. These creams if containing hydroquinone can do magic with medium sized spots that are not too dark in color. These creams can be applied twice a day, but you should be careful to use them only on the affected areas, and avoid applying them on the normal pigmented skin areas for you will remove the pigment from your healthy skin area too.

Be patient, as such creams do not work their magic over night. It will take 6 months and up to one year for getting a normal colored skin.

Another solution offered by dermatologists would be chemical peeling or laser treatment. These are expensive options that not all of us can afford and also require some sacrifices, like not exposing the skin to the light for a few days after the procedure is done as the skin will be too sensible even for a normal sunlight.

The last and most comfortable solution, especially if you are a woman, would be using make-up. If the age spots are not too dark then they can easily be hidden under a light, natural make-up.



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