Aging Process: Decoding

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If individuals are asked if whether they are afraid to get old or not, most probably many would say that they are afraid. Getting old entails the consequences of aging. Some of these include: malfunctioning of many vital organs which can result to certain degenerative diseases, appearance of facial lines which makes the facial skin not likely to smooth and also cognitive deficits. Many researchers are investing in conducting further studies about the biological process of aging and the processes it undergoes. In fact, scientists are already beginning to decode the aging process, according to researches.

Several scientists who are investing a lot of their time and efforts to conduct extensive studies regarding the process of aging and use of treatments in order to reverse or at least decrease the time it takes to progress aging are hopeful that through the advancements in technology, certain treatment will be discovered in order to control the aging process.

Other researches establish that the use of stem cells can actually rejuvenate the aging cells of the human body such as the study led by Jean-Marc Lemaitre at the Functional Genomics Institute, which was published in October. The French research claims that through the use of stem cells which are considered fundamental cells of the human body, aging process can be reversed.

According to Norman Sharpless, professor of medicine and genetics at theUniversity of North Carolina, he said: “We are seeing a major change, very important developments and real therapeutic efforts to try to treat age-related illnesses.” However, the development of cellular therapy in order to address aging is very complex and difficult to achieve.

Another American study conducted revealed in the findings that aging was actually reversed among the mice which were used as the model of the study. Researchers used an enzyme which is naturally present and circulating in the human body called the telomerase. This enzyme is implicated to shield and protect the DNA, hence delaying the progress of aging.

Moreover, the development of a more advanced treatment regarding the process of aging will entail a lot of monetary funding, time and extensive efforts in order to achieve the goal of treatment which is delaying or reversing the aging process. Also, researchers are conducting the studies not actually to prolong and extend the life span of an individual, but rather to widen their heath span by reducing the risk of elderly people to suffer from many diseases as a result of aging, thus making the enjoy their remaining time in the world.




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