AIDS funding declining over the years

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Recently, Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria’s Replenishment Conference was organized in New York where the head of UNAIDS, the AIDS control wing of United Nations Organization expressed concerns over the inadequacy of grants and donations to treat AIDS, especially the infected in the developing and the underdeveloped countries. This despite the fact that the contributions have increased by almost 38% and are currently at 11.7 billion USD with United States having pledged around 4 billion USD in last 3 years. Then what could be the reason behind the shortage of funds?

Indeed the Global Fund conference managed to collect a handsome grant from all quarters but there seems to be an overall shortage of funds and the UNAIDS authority are concerned because the shortfall in grants can lead to poor response from AIDS program in the years to come. Currently only half of the people worldwide suffering from AIDS have access to treatment facilities financed by UNAIDS. The problem becomes more acute when one takes into the account the number of people living with HIV who are at a risk to contract AIDS in future.

The statistics state that five HIV carriers become affected with AIDS per every two people who begin the treatment for AIDS. Currently, the AIDS program is doing well and has saved almost 6 million lives since its inception eight years ago. But a lot needs to be done towards funding because a lot of people still do not have access to the treatment.



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