AIDS Programmes in Africa Must Be Reinforced By its Leaders, Says Bush

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The global campaign to fight the debilitating disease which causes immunosuppression known as the HIV/AIDS is gaining a lot of support from all over the world. Every nation are now pushing themselves to the limit in order to win the battle against HIV by providing extensive and comprehensive efforts in conducting widespread information dissemination on how to prevent the said disease. Also, efforts in order to increase the funding to treat individuals already affected with HIV are being appealed to rich nations to have strong commitment in this cause which in turn help save lives of those individuals with HIV. In fact, United States President, Barrack Obama, said during the World Aids Day that an additional funding will be released in order to help those individuals with HIV have immediate and necessary treatment. Also, the rest of the funds will be used for campaigns and information drives to call the general public to be wary about the presenting health problem.

Recently, former United States President, George W. Bush, said programmes in Africa which address the health problem regarding HIV/AIDS must be reinforced and carried out successfully. Bush calls the African leaders to boost these programmes which can help magnify the efforts of the whole globe in its fight against HIV.

According to the former United States President, he said that funding from foreign donors such as the US President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (PEPFAR) which contributed about 1.4 billion dollars to HIV/AIDS programs in Ethiopia since 2003 to be used for the campaign against HIV through extensive information dissemination and treatment of individuals affected with HIV alone are not enough to combat the spread of the disease. The responsibility still lies on the leaders of the said nation to act and take strong hold on the commitment to lessen the number of individuals affected with AIDS.

“The developing world must set priorities and there is no greater priority than saving a human life,” he said.

Moreover, although the funding of other rich nations to sustain AIDS programmes from all over the world especially among the developing countries seemed to be decreasing due to global financial crisis still leaders of nations must boost these AIDS programmes in order to achieve goals of eradicating the HIV incidences worldwide. The wise use of money and good leadership can contribute to improve the campaigns against HIV.




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