AIMS Advices People to keep their Heart Healthy

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AIIMS, the apex medical organization of India published few tips for common man to keep their heart healthy. They published the report in their monthly magazine.

Heart is one of the most important parts of a human being. In fact, it is the most important among all the body parts of a human being. If the heart of a person is functioning then that person can’t be called as dead. Doctor’s declare a person clinically dead, when they find that his or her heart is no more working.

If a person wants to stay fit, then he or she has to keep his or her heart fit and healthy first of all. If he or she manages to do this then, he or she can easily stay fit. Let us discuss, how a person could keep his or her heart healthy.

  • Eating apples can help a person to keep his or heart stay fit. This is why doctors advice people to eat an apple each and everyday. Not only apples but eating fruits is good for heart. One should intake some or other kind of food in his or her breakfast, everyday.
  • Eating green vegetables also helps the heart to stay healthy. There should be green vegetable in each and every meal of a person.
  • Eating more spicy food regularly can impact negatively on the heart of a person. This is why, one should avoid eating spicy foods, regularly.
  • Cholesterol is very dangerous to the heart of a person. One should not consume cholesterol rich foods. Cholesterol is normally present in the oils; so at the time of purchasing oils, one should only buy cholesterol free oils.
  • Deposition of fat around the heart generally leads to heart attack. One should avoid eating fat rich foods.
  • High blood pressure can lead to heart failure. If a person is suffering from high blood pressure, then he or she should find out the root cause of the high blood pressure and go for suitable medication.
  • Diabetes has negative impact on heart. This is why, diabetes patients should take extra care of their heart.
  • Exercise works like elixir to the heart of a person. Each and every person irrespective of gender and age should do some or other kind of exercise each and everyday. This is a must. If a person is doing physical work in his or her work place, then he or she may avoid exercise; otherwise, one should do exercise.

Follow the above mentioned points and keep your heart healthy.





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