Air in the plane is not as dangerous as thought before

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Many people are probably concerned about the air they breathe in a plane. But according to a latest report the air that you breathe in a plane during your flight, is not more dangerous than the air you breathe in an office. This brings a radical change, by the National Research Council in the US, of what was previously said about air in the planes; like containing toxins)
“It is a well known fact that staying in a confined place, whatever and wherever it is, indicates infection danger, but the air in an aircraft is not worse than the air in your office, in a cinema or in any other closed medium” said Dr Mark Gendreau, an aviation medicine expert.

According to him the air in a plane refreshes about 15 times in one hour, whereas generally in an office it is refreshed 12 times in a hour.
In most of the planes the air is filtered, thus about 99.97 percent of the bacteria and other harmful particles, are removed.
There may be toxins in the air the passengers breathe, but this can also happen because of the oil of the engines, which contains high level of toxins.
US researches advised people to be more attentive about catching cold or stomach viruses, when touching toilette doorknobs, rather than air in the plane.



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