Great aliments for lowering high blood level of cholesterol

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We all have heard by now that high cholesterol can cause a lot of problems in the human organism starting with skin issues, cardio-vascular diseases, liver affections, and a poor general state of health. If left untreated, sooner or later live threatening complications will start showing up. By exercising regularly and by giving up the unhealthy diets a lot of us follow day by day, we can find ourselves a path to walk on towards a healthy body.


As the LDL cholesterol level needs to be kept low and the HDL cholesterol level should be raised in our blood here are a few foods that will make it easier for you to reach a balanced cholesterol status:

Fatty fish. As this type of fish is rich in omega 3 you can rest assure that by eating two or three times a week such a food your level of cholesterol will normalize as well as your blood pressure and you will be protected against the development of blood cloths. The best fatty fish you should try are: lake trout, herring, mackerel, sardines, and salmon.

Eat aliments that contain soluble fiber as they will reduce low density lipoproteins from your blood. For example apples contain insoluble fiber that will not be absorbed by your body and will pass just through you helping your digestion. Apples also contain a certain amount of soluble fiber that will be absorbed by your body and will pick the LDL from your blood when passing through. Oatmeal, kidney beans, apples, pears, barley, and prunes are some of the foods which contain soluble fiber and can help your organism fight better cholesterol.

For chocolate lovers I have a good news: they can eat dark chocolate (the one that has a concentration of at least 60% of cocoa) as it contain flavonoids that will fight with LDL. Other chocolate types like milk chocolate that contains sugar are not the same as they loose their flavonoids during manufacturing and so they loose their lowering cholesterol property too.

Green tea is also known to be a good choice when thinking of lowering the blood level of cholesterol. You should drink it warm (not hot) and without any sugar in it. Try replacing sugar with honey as honey is a little bit healthier than sugar.

Implementing such aliments in your daily diet is quite easy; the hard thing to do is giving up the bad eating habits like eating from fast foods and drinking unhealthy sodas. But, taking small steps each day can get you in time to achieving a normal blood level of cholesterol and a good heath.




  1. Amy Lundberg says:

    That’s great news for chocolate lovers! Now I won’t feel so guilty the next time I sit down with a bar of dark chocolate!

  2. Thanks for such remarkable and news about benefits of chocolate. All chocolate lovers are grateful to you.

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