Allergy testing and treatment

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Allergy testing and treatment is getting to be a more popular topic. More and more people are becoming susceptible to this acute reaction to common and not so common substances.

People are tested for allergies to know specifically which things a person is allergic to. If you are allergic to pine pollen you will find out. If you are allergic to certain foods this will be discovered also. An allergy test is performed using a skin test or a blood test. If you have internal allergies the blood test is of course more important of the two.Allergy treatment

If you have external allergies and prefer to use the current medical industry for the allergy testing and treatment, an allergy specialist will give you the skin test. A set of liquid allergens will be placed on your skin. The area under the allergens will have been pricked to allow the allergens access to the body. The area will be on your back or on the back of the forearm. The results will usually be known within the hour. The body will begin to reject the allergens and the skin will show it if the results are positve. This is not true for all people and results may not be seen for more than a day. The test will cause the itching effect similar to a mosquito bite if the person has a positive allergic reaction to the test.

Under some cases the skin test will have the allergens injected under the skin. Again, several different allergens will be used at one time. If you have an aversion to needles, this test will not be an easy one for you. The name of the testing done under the skin is; “intradermal skin test”.

The allergy testing is done to discover a range of allergies from mold and animal allergies to asthma and venom type allergies. There is also a type of allergy called “allergic contact dermatitis”. This is when the skin is allergic to certain things touching it. Some people are allergic to touching the metal nickel. This can cause an itchy sensation and redness of the skin within fifteen to twenty minutes after the nickel touched the skin. There are a host of other things that cause allergic contact dermatitis. Rubber is one such item. Latex rubber is a common form of rubber that can initiate an allergic reaction. Hair dyes, perfume, and skin care products can all cause allergies to flair up in different people. If you are woman, take care using new makeup that may activate a breakout.

Allergy testing and treatment will hopefully be advancing enough in the medical industry to the point that treatment will no longer be needed. If the current way of simply trying to “correct a problem” is kept up the medical industry will have little hope of preventing allergies. If they will begin to concentrate on prevention, such as telling women that many allergies are caused by not breast-feeding their babies, the health of the general populace can increase. The chances of this are slim to none, and you as a reader are doing the right thing by taking things into your own hands. Take care of yourself by using the centuries-old methods, not the alternative methods of new medicine, and you will have better health.




  1. GPs are far to busy to test and treat everyone for allergies, the job should fall to community nurses and healthcare assistants. However this will require more funding in order to pay for all the tests and treatments required if necessary.

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