Alleviate Your Pain With Good Intentions

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In a report of the Institute of Medicine entitled, Relieving Pain in America: A Blueprint for Transforming Prevention, Care, Education, and Research, it has been reported that, “pain is a significant public health problem that costs society at least $560-$635 billion annually, an amount equal to about $2,000.00 for everyone living in the U.S. This includes the total incremental cost of health care due to pain from ranging between $261 to $300 billion and $297-$336 billion due to lost productivity (based on days of work missed, hours of work lost, and lower wages).”

Many things in science fail to ease the soreness of a medical procedure. It is the affectionate loving care of a nurse or grand ma’s cookies that taste better, if they are made with love, helping an individual ease his pain, says a psychologist from University of Maryland. The findings have various real world applications which include relationships, medicine, business and parenting. The physical experience of an individual changes completely when we read the intentions of another person, says Kurt Gray who is an assistant professor of UMD.

The results of the study have confirmed that good intentions even if they are misguided can help in soothing the pain thereby increasing pleasure. These things make the life of an individual much better. It mentions the capability of generosity to recover the physical experience as justification for the supremacy of good. Research has proved that the evil and good intentions can transform the experience of certain social events like thinking of a response to a mean spirited or any cutting comment as compared to gentle teasing which is spoken with smile.  These studies have proved that the perceived content of another individual’s mind gets influenced by the physical events. It also shows that the intentions of other individuals often act as a guide for the basic physical experience.

The supremacy of good intentions in shaping our physical experience was confirmed in three various experiments. The first experiment scrutinized pain, the second experiment scrutinized pleasure while the last scrutinized the taste of a sweet treat. Clear applications were suggested by these findings. Like the first experiment proved that the medical personnel should brush up their bed side manners. For those individuals who are in relationship, should make sure that they convey their partners their care and love for them. The same applies while cooking, where the main concern about the knowledge of diners makes the food taste better. These results are now being applied to business also. Hence, it can be said that the stolen parking places might cut less deep and the home cooked meals often taste excellent whenever we think well of others.




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