Alternative Drugs Might Harm the Children

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London—According to the latest research, giving alternative drugs instead of the commonly used one in order to cure the disease can be somehow deadly although the case is rarely happening. It is based on the report from Australia since 2001 to 2003 that showed the fact that giving alternative drugs like vitamin supplements or herbal healing caused nearly 40 cases of complain during those years and it is reported that there were four death victims among the cases.

It was published on Thursday December the 23rd in children’s health archive. The cause of the dangerous side effect of the alternative drugs is that it has no system to be tracked down. It is certainly different from the commonly used drugs, which side effects can easily be identified due to the well-known system. It is reported that patients with the age of 16 and under are the most affected from the dangerous side effects of the alternative drugs. It is said that more than half of the cases caused those children to experience the nearly-death case because of the failure on treating them with the commonly used drugs and instead giving them the unconventional drugs. It is very recommended that people should be more aware to the extent on when the alternative drugs can be given and when it should not.



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