Alternative Treatment for Shingles

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Shingles can be very excruciating due to the distinct pain that it can give to the infected person. Shingles is caused by the virus called herpes zoster virus—a virus which is also related to the infecting organism causing chicken pox. What happens with shingles is that we may have acquired herpes zoster virus at an early age and it may cling into our nerve endings and lie inactive there. Due to several reasons, this herpes zoster may become active leading to signs and symptoms of shingles.

Shingles presents initially with the prodromal signs and symptoms like fever, cough and colds, nausea, etc. Also, itching may start to occur in the particular area where rashes may erupt after a few days. During the eruptive stage, shingles rash may already start to appear and will start to become red. The rash of shingle will appear band like because it only affects a specific area of the body and never crosses the body’s midline.

Treatment for shingles primarily includes the use of antiviral medications such as oral acyclovir (Zovirax) and pain relief medications. Apart from these, there are also treatment for shingles which are non-pharmacologic and can be done at home.

Rinsing With Saline Solution

Adding sea salt to a basin of water and making use of this solution in bathing and washing the affected area is a good way of curing shingles rashes. Sea salt has an antiseptic property and will help heal and dry up these rashes for faster recovery.

Covering Shingles with Honey

Honey can be a good antibacterial ingredient. Although shingles is a viral infection, the antibacterial property of honey can prevent opportunistic infection of bacteria. After applying honey in the affected area, you may place sterile or clean gauze to cover it up. Once the honey has dried, you may strip off the gauze gently. Doing this regularly can relieve the signs and symptoms of the disease making it an excellent treatment for shingles.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil has been known to cure a lot of diseases—may they be diseases inside our body or those outside concerning our skin. Virgin coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can greatly lessen the soreness and redness of the shingles.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Just like Virgin Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar is another miracle solution which is able to cure a number of diseases and infections. Soaking a small towel in apple cider vinegar, wringing out the excess fluid and applying the towel in the affected area for one hour or so will lessen the rashes due to shingles.

Vitamin C

Most importantly, be sure to support yourself by boosting your immune system with Zinc and vitamin C. These vitamins and minerals will help cure infectious conditions and help lessen the chances of getting a re-infection of shingles.

Treatment of shingles is multi-faceted—it may include drugs, food intake, vitamins and other alternative remedies. Be sure to try them out for a more economical and effective relief.





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