Alzheimer to Be Reduced by Good Cholesterol

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The United States—According to a newly conducted study, a certain high level of good cholesterol in someone’s body is indicated to help in reducing the risk of having Alzheimer. People with a good fat or HDL that has the amount at least 60% are having a less chance of having Alzheimer in their lives compared with those which only have fewer amounts. According to the study published on Monday December the 13th, a bad fat might block the vessels of blood while a good one is helping to stirring the bad fat away.

The brain disease like Alzheimer is something that may damage the cells of the brain and usually the severe effects of it will be obvious on people at the old ages. About 60% of people with the age of more than 95 are usually indicated to severe from such a disease. Alzheimer may cause people to unable in thinking or remembering things. It can also give people hallucination that the victims of Alzheimer are usually living in their own world. Globally, people that are indicated of having Alzheimer are reported of reaching more than 30 million people. Up until know, nobody knows the real reason of Alzheimer yet many is still doing the research on it.



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